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Crazy: Many Republicans And Right Wing Media Calling For Revolution And Sedition!

It is crazy and unbelievable to see many Republicans and Right Wing Media calling for revolution and violence because Donald Trump is facing prosecution for endangering national security by his illegal possession of highly sensitive documents at his Mar a Lago estate in Florida!

This craziness is being heard and seen on Fox News Channel, NewsMax, and on talk radio shows.

Among those advocting revolution, violence, and retribution, besides Donald Trump himself, are members of his family; failed Arizona gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake; right wing lunatic Mark Levin; Right wing activist Charlie Kirk; disinformation super spreader Alex Jones; Fox News Host Tucker Carlson; Donald Trump Jr’s fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle; Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs; Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene; and a host of other extremists.

And Republican Presidential contenders, except for Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson, are talking about pardons for January 6 insurrectionists and Trump himself, if any of them were to be elected President.

And top Republican leaders, at least in the House of Representatives, including Speaker Kevin McCarthy, are failing to realize how Trump endangered the national security of the US!

And Donald Trump, in two rallies since the announcement of the indictment, has promoted threats and violence against the prosecutor Jack Smith; the Department of Justice; and the FBI, making him “a clear and present danger” to the American government and nation!

Meanwhile, at least two former Trump Cabinet officers, Attorney General William Barr, and National Security Adviser John Bolton, have made it clear that the case against Donald Trump is very strong and powerful!

More Details About The January 6 Attempted Coup At The US Capitol Revealed

The following 7 members of Congress conspired to promote a coup on January 6, 2021: (from Rolling Stone Magazine)

Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia
Lauren Boebert of Colorado
Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina
Paul Gosar of Arizona
Mo Brooks of Alabama
Andy Biggs of Arizona
Louie Gohmert of Texas

The following 10 individuals plotted strategy at the Willard Hotel, one block from the White House: (from Washington Post)

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, Jr.
Rudy Giuliani
Steve Bannon
Roger Stone
Michael Flynn
Alex Jones
John Eastman
Bernie Kerik
Boris Epshteyn

There are many others involved in the plot to overthrow the Presidential Election of 2020, and install Donald Trump as a dictator!

All of these characters and others not named here need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and imprisoned for long terms behind bars!

The Growing Danger Of Trump “Confederates” And Right Wing Christian And Jewish Extremists

America, as the Electoral College formally elects Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as the President and Vice President of the United States, being inaugurated on January 20, 2021, is facing a growing danger that includes the potential of violence and bloodshed.

Donald Trump’s refusal to concede, and to stop spreading the myth of a fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020, in inciting crazy and deluded people to call for violence and bloodshed, and to refuse to ever accept the results of the election.

Trump is inciting the danger of civil war, and will have to face prosecution in 37 days when he is a private citizen, and continues, as seems clear, to promote violence and bloodshed.

We have two thirds or more of Republicans in polls saying they will never accept that Trump has lost, and we have lunatics such as conspiracy theorist Alex Jones; Republican state chairman in Texas Allan West (former one term South Florida Congressman); and right wing Christian preachers, such as Franklin Graham; and even Orthodox Rabbis, including one this author is aware of through his delusional wife, who allows him to manipulate her, to spread the lies and undermine American democracy!

We have crazies calling for a new Confederacy of Republican States who oppose Joe Biden being inaugurated, and threats against the lives of both Biden and Harris!

There is nothing worse than people who claim to be devout Christians or Jews who preach anti democratic propaganda, all in the name of enriching themselves on the backs of gullible congregants who keep on donating to these preachers of hate and lies!

And Donald Trump has managed to manipulate and fool many of his supporters, to donate over $200 million to be used by Trump in whatever way he wishes, including personal use and inspiring ever more lies and deceit, and create an alternate reality!

The Paranoid, Conspiracy Theorist Donald Trump Returns After Speech To Congress: Crazy Accusations, Unprecedented, Against Barack Obama!

Donald Trump, after giving a speech to Congress on Tuesday,regarded as “Presidential” by many, could not sustain his image for more than 24 hours.

Within a day, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a horrible choice to head the Justice Department, was shown to have had two meetings with the Russian ambassador, and not telling the Senate Judiciary Committee of that fact in his hearings in January, and was forced to recuse himself from any investigation of Russian connections in the Trump campaign, but with more people now shown to have had contact with the ambassador, including son in law Jared Kushner.

And then, without explanation, in the early morning hours of Saturday on Twitter, Trump unleashed an attack on Barack Obama, that he had wiretapped the Trump Tower, and that Obama was a “bad, sick guy”.

This is unprecedented, and has NO validity at all, as Presidents cannot order wiretaps, as it goes through a special court to deal with such wiretaps.

It is clear more than ever that Donald Trump is delusional, paranoid, and a believer in conspiracy theories promoted by right wing crazies, including Breitbart News Service and crazies like Alex Jones.

No President has ever been as strong in attack on his predecessor, and Trump seems more and more mentally unhinged, and the idea of his being too dangerous to have the nuclear codes is growing, and the likelihood of him being forced out of office at some point grows, as millions of Americans must worry about the danger of this man remaining in the White House!

Donald Trump: Liar-In-Chief, Spreading Conspiracy Theories And Unsubstantiated Statements With No Validity, Unprecedented In American History!

Donald Trump will now be called the “Liar In Chief”, as he is continuing as President-Elect to spread conspiracy theories, and make unsubstantiated statements with no validity, unprecedented in American History.

Crazy loony Alex Jones has been spreading filth and lies, including that seven million votes were cast by illegal immigrants, or by fraud and using dead people as voters. And Donald Trump is saying this definitely happened in California, Virginia, and New Hampshire, three states that he lost. This is totally without any evidence or facts, but that does not matter to Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, he condemns the voter recount efforts being mounted by Jill Stein, the candidate of the Green Party, in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, which Trump won by about 103,000 votes combined in the three states—Wisconsin by 22,000, Michigan by 10,000, and Pennsylvania by 70.000 votes–less than one percent of the 13 million votes cast in those three states that were decisive in the election victory of Trump in Obama “Blue” states of 2008 and 2012.

It is clear that voter suppression went on and affected people who wanted to vote legally, but Donald Trump, with the crazy Electoral College system which made him President, is, nevertheless, trailing Hillary Clinton by more than two million votes popular votes but will be inaugurated on January 20, 2017.

He has so many conflicts of interest with his business dealings and with foreign leaders, which is against the emoluments clause of the Constitution, and is on the road to becoming very quickly the most corrupt President in American history bar none!

Richard Nixon looks like a choir boy compared to Donald Trump!

Right Wing Christian Zealots Back Donald Trump While Establishment Republicans Condemn Trump On Anti Muslim Stand!

The Republican Party is in a quandary as to how to deal with Fascist demagogue Donald Trump, who is still leading the polls and is gaining the backing of a plurality, if not a majority, of registered Republicans, in polls, on the issue of banning all Muslim immigration to the United States.

The fact that Trump is a clear cut racist, nativist, and Islamophobe does not perturb those Republicans being polled, and yet we have seen condemnation by all Republican candidates of Trump’s demagogic proposal, with the exception of Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum.  So we have seen Republican Congressional leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, along with many other leading Republicans, even including former Vice President Dick Cheney, take a stand opposing that displayed in the polls.

What we have seen is despicable characters such as: Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Franklin Graham, Alex Jones, Pam Geller, Bryan Fischer, Pat Robertson, Frank Gaffney, and David Duke endorse Trump on this issue, despite their shady image as advocates of civil liberties and civil rights long term.

So the Republican Party and the conservative movement are at a crossroads, as they are trying to evade the damage being done to their brand by Trump and his ilk, but there is no question that the Trump phenomenon, the promotion of a modern Fascism, will not come to power, despite the ignorance and narrow mindedness of a portion of the American people.

Instead, it looks as if the Republican Party is about to implode, as it desperately attempts to overcome Trump, and we can expect the possibility of a brokered convention next July, which would be the most tumultuous Republican convention since the Gerald Ford-Ronald Reagan battle in 1976, and the even more tumultuous Democratic convention of 1968!

The National Rifle Association Vs. The American People!

The National Rifle Association and a percentage of its membership have declared war on American safety and security by their vicious campaign against any new gun regulations in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Massacre! But Barack Obama and Joe Biden have come up with a series of legislative ideas and executive orders that will challenge the NRA’s dominance on this issue!

The American people want action, and Pew Research Polls prove that as shown below:

85 percent want background checks for private and gun show sales.
80 percent want people with mental disorder to be prevented from purchasing guns.
67 percent want a federal data base to track gun sales.
58 percent want a ban on semi automatic weapons.
55 percent want a ban on assault style weapons.
54 percent want a ban on high capacity magazines.
53 percent want a ban on online sale of ammunition.

So the American people overwhelmingly support sensible gun control measures, and the NRA is fighting against this tide, and is using its power with Republicans to prevent any action.

But the Republican Party, if it continues this unwillingness to recognize the threat to all of us by lack of regulation, and instead backs wing nuts like Alex Jones, and continues to support the NRA, and lets Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and others like him to become the image of the party on this matter, they will suffer heavily at the polls in future elections!

The Recklessness And Lack Of Responsibility Of Professor James Tracy Of Florida Atlantic University: How Should We React To It?

Professor James Tracy of the Department of Communications at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, where this author has been an Adjunct Professor of History and Political Science since 1989, has become the center of a massive controversy in the past few days. Let me inform my readers that I do not know Professor Tracy, have never met him, and did not even know what he looked like until this controversy erupted!

Tracy has claimed that he believes that the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre of December 14 in Newtown, Connecticut, was a staged event conjured up by a conspiracy of the Obama Administration in cahoots with the news media and trained actors, and that since there is no released photographic evidence of the riddled bodies of 20 children and six teachers and administrators, therefore the event never happened!

This is obviously a lunatic theory, a conspiracy theory that believes that the government and the news media work together to lie to the American people, and to cause staged events to add to the power of the American government at all levels, in their aim to take away the civil liberties of the American population. It is never explained why the news media would collaborate in such a conspiracy, as criticism of government is a regular situation by the news media all across the country!

Tracy is intellectually dishonest, and in his heart of hearts, he knows that what he has done is horrific, irresponsible, reckless, unforgivable, and only feeds gun fanatics who wish to act in a manner similar to Alex Jones, who went on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN, and ranted and raved about plans to begin another “1776” event, through an armed uprising against government authorities.

Tracy is feeding paranoia, adding his title as a professor to promotion of conspiracy theories, and is undermining respect for our government leadership at all levels. He is acting as a demagogue, a man who incites crazies with his nutty utterances on his blog and in emails.

But the problem is that some would say this man should be fired by the university, which has taken the proper stand to separate themselves from his reckless, irresponsible statements, but point out that his viewpoints are not associated with the university, therefore upholding his First Amendment rights to freedom of speech.

The best thing that could happen, but is unlikely to occur, is that Tracy, a tenured Associate Professor, choose to resign from Florida Atlantic University, but his notoriety makes it unlikely that he would be picked up by another university, and this is his livelihood. Freedom of expression and academic freedom cannot be violated nor abrogated!

So we must be willing to tolerate his outrageous statements in the name of civil liberties, and know that he will certainly be living a life of discomfort for his utterances, and his lack of concern for the harm he is doing to the families of the 20 children and six teachers and administrators who were tragic victims nearly a month ago!

But despite anger, no one should threaten his life, or write hateful emails to this professor, but instead ignore him as quickly as possible, as that is ultimately what Professor Tracy feeds on—attention, although of a negative variety—which makes one wonder about his own mental state, and the hope that he does not have ownership of any guns or other assault weapons!