Donald Trump Trial Proof Of Rule Of Law Applies To Everyone!

The first criminal trial of Donald Trump has begun, and while there is no way to know what the outcome will be in the next couple of months, one thing stands out!

Donald Trump is being held accountable under the Constitution and the rule of law, despite his wealth and his stature as a former President of the United States!

For the first time in his life, he is under restrictions, including being in the courtroom daily whether he wishes to or not!

It seems clear that his public opinion ratings are not going to rise, as a result of his being held accountable in a court of law!

Changes In Voter Registration Across America

Changes in voter registration, while not a guarantee of voting patterns, are in flux in recent years.

Examples include the following trends:

The more educated one is, the more likely that such people are registered Democrats.

The less educated one is, the more likely that such people are registered Republicans.

The more rural location of an individual, and the more religiously devout an individual is, the more likely he or she is Republican.

Evangelical Christians, devout Catholics, and Orthodox Jews are more likely to be Republicans.

Those who live in urban areas are still much more likely Democratic registered, while those in suburbia are more evenly divided, but more Democratic than traditionally in recent decades when they were more likely Republican.

The Hispanic-Latino population is less reliably registered Democratic than in the past, particularly those who identify as evangelical Protestants, while if Catholics, still more likely Democratic.

While women are more likely to be registered Democratic, white women have moved toward Republican orientation.

With the reality that all of these trends are in flux, it is clear that trying to predict future voting patterns and election results is a gamble, and there are no guarantees.

Donald Trump’s First Criminal Trial Begins

Belatedly, after so many delays and obstructive tactics, finally, Donald Trump will face the first criminal trial that any President of the United States has faced, on Monday morning.

Arguably the least significant of the four trials the former President faces over time, it is bound, nevertheless, to have a negative effect on Trump’s campaign to be returned to the White House.

Trump will have to sit in court four days a week and keep his mouth shut, and while there will be no televising of his trial, there will be reporters in the courtroom to report on every detail of the trial, including any reaction that Trump displays.

The facc that there are many witnesses, including those who had once been close to Trump, will have a dramatic effect on the trial and public opinion.

And the shock that Hope Hicks, who was so closely linked to Trump, is going to testify, is a major surprise.

Polls already indicate declining support for Trump, and no matter how much he makes himself the “victim”, he is, finally, being held to accountability for the first time in his life!

The Likelihood Of Further US Engagement In Overseas Conflicts

This author and blogger has the sense of foreboding, that the United States will soon become more involved in overseas conflicts in a more direct manner.

The Russia-Ukraine War and the Israel-Gaza Conflict are escalating dangerously, and both represent major problems for American foreign policy.

Attempting to promote more military aid to Ukraine has been a struggle, and the sense is that Russia is emboldened by the inability of the US being able to promote more aid to Ukraine, ironically likely insuring a wider conflict.

Russia is likely to attempt to expand the war against former Soviet Union held areas before 1989—Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. This would bring the US and NATO into a wider conflict.

The Israel-Gaza conflict is likely to escalate with Iranian involvement, and will put America into the cross hairs of supporting a right wing Israeli government, which has shown no concern about human rights in its war on Hamas, sadly making the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to suffer massive loss of civilians.

All that these two conflicts are doing is complicating Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign.

One would expect that there could be wider war soon, against all desires, and if that happens, as sad as that is, it would help insure Joe Biden’s victory, despite vehement anger of many, as no President has ever lost an election for another term in a time of war!

FDR Death, And Harry Truman Succession To The Presidency Commemorated!

Sixty nine years ago, in the midst of late stages of World War II, the longest serving American President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, passed away at the age of 63 in Warm Springs, Georgia.

The impact of FDR in his years in office, and the continued significance of his policies and actions, reverberates in America seven decades later, and he is usually ranked second or third among all Presidents in polls and surveys of Presidential scholars.

Serving more than 12 years and starting a fourth term in office, he had a far greater impact in many ways than Abraham Lincoln, who is usually ranked as the greatest American President.

FDR’s “New Deal” still affects America, and his leadership in World War II was crucial for the survival of democracy in the nation and the world.

The death of FDR also led to the Presidency of Harry Truman, tremendously underrated throughout his Presidency and for a generation after his retirement.

But once Truman passed away, recognition of his courageous, principled leadership emerged, and now he is ranked in the top five or six of all Presidents!

His continuation and expansion of the New Deal through the Fair Deal, and his strong leadership in the emerging Cold War made his Presidency extremely significant!

Abortion Rights Key Issue Of Presidential And Congressional Elections Of 2024!

The insane, lunatic action of the Arizona Supreme Court insures that abortion rights will be the key issue of the Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024.

The Republican Party and Donald Trump, and the corrupt majority of the Supreme Court have made abortion the major issue of human rights, as more than half the population of the nation will not tolerate the loss of bodily control that every human being should have!

The insanity of an 1864 law in Arizona, when there were fewer than 10,000 people living in the territory that did not become a state until 1912, being utilized 160 years later, calls for a purge of the Arizona Supreme Court. They are, clearly, a bunch of corrupt, “bought” monsters, allowing religious extremists and right wing whackos that want to bring America back to the 19th century, to dictate the lives of American women!

Arizona joins Alabama and Florida in promoting extremism and authoritarianism, in line with the Fascism of Donald Trump and the horrendous Republican Party cult in Congress and the states!

Everyone with a brain and compassion needs to get out there and campaign for everyone they know to vote, and to make sure they meet their own citizen’s commitment to throw the “rascals” out, and insure that Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans never egain get near political power!

Split Governments: Governors And State Legislatures

Five states have Democratic Governors and Republican controlled legislatures.

Arizona has Katie Hobbs as Governor since 2023.

Kansas has Laura Kelly as Governor since 2019.

Kentucky has Andy Beshear as Governor since 2019.

North Carolina has Roy Cooper as Governor since 2017, and he is term limited.

Wisconsin has Tony Evers as Governor since 2019.

Also, Pennsylvania has a Democratic Governor in Josh Shapiro since 2023, and with a split legislature with the State Senate being Republican controlled and the State Assembly being Democratic controlled.

Three states have Republican governors and Democratic controlled legislatures.

Nevada has Joe Lombardo as Governor since 2023.

Vermont has Phil Scott as Governor since 2017, and there are no term limits, with two year terms in Vermont.

Virginia has Glenn Youngkin as Governor since 2022, and he is term limited to one term that ends in 2025.

Also, Alaska has a Republican Governor in Mike Dunleavy since the end of 2018, and with a split legislature with the State Senate being Democratic and the House of Representatives being Republican.

This all makes for interesting politics!

Mid April Full Of Historical Significance!

The middle days of April are full of historical significance, involving American history and the Presidency!

April 9 is the day of surrender of Robert E. Lee to Ulysses S. Grant to end, officially, the Civil War, in 1865.

April 12 is the beginning of the Civil War, with the attack at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, in 1861.

April 12 is also the day of the passing of Franklin D. Roosevelt in Warm Springs, Georgia, in 1945.

April 13 is the birthdate of Thomas Jefferson in 1743.

April 14 is the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, in 1865, and his death occurring the next morning, April 15.

April 17 saw the unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro, the infamous Bay of Pigs Invasion, under President John F. Kennedy’s administration, in 1961.

April 19 is the unofficial beginning of the American Revolution, occurring at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, in 1775.

Two Republican House Chairs Assert Many In Party Are Russian Apologists!

Michael McCaul, Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee; and Mike Turner, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee in the 118th Congress, have both asserted that many members of their Republican Party in the lower chamber are spouting Russian propaganda.

These MAGA Republicans are showing no concern about the struggle of Ukraine against the two year plus invasion of their nation by the Russian Federation.

It is also very clear that Donald Trump is a Russian stooge, only too willing to bend to Vladimir Putin.

The fact that Republican leaders with principle are telling us how many Republicans in Congress are collaborators with the authoritarian government of Russia against American national security and our NATO allies, needs to be emphasized to insure that the Republicans suffer massive defeats in November.

Once that has occurred, it is time for prosecution of Republican traitors who care not a whit about American democracy!

Israel-Hamas War A Nightmare Scenario For Joe Biden Campaign!

The Israel-Hamas War, now six months old, has seen the death of 1,200 Israelis and 33,000 Gazan Palestinians.

More than 100 hostages of the 240 originally kidnapped on October 7 remain in Gaza, and famine is spreading in the Gaza Strip.

There seems to be no end to the bloodshed and hostage situation, and the war has divided the Democratic Party, with the left wing progressives condemning the war’s continuation, and Joe Biden being unsuccessful in influencing the strategy of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

So as a result, many American Jews are angry at Biden for bringing pressure on Israel, while Arab-Muslim Americans are angry that Biden has not done more to stop the carnage.

And many Israelis are furious at Netanyahu for failure to negotiate the release of the remaining hostages.

The idea that Republicans and Donald Trump would have a better alternative that would win over the Jewish population and the Arab-Muslim population in the upcoming Presidential Election of 2024 is to believe in fairy tales.

However, if either group sits on their hands and stays home, it would dramatically undermine the Joe Biden campaign, and likely help Donald Trump to win.