Biden Interview With George Stephanopoulos Not Convincing!

The George Stephanopoulos ABC primetime interview with President Biden on Friday night was not convincing that Biden is capable of being President for the next four years.

Biden clearly has aged in the past year, and the fact that he will not agree to a neurological and cognitive test is troubling.

Also, Biden claims that Democratic leaders will not intervene to convince him not to run, which seems delusional at this point.

He did not “think” that he had watched the June 27 debate since it occurred, which is odd that he was not giving an answer of certainty.

Joe Biden is allowing his ego to get in the way of reality, and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, by encouraging him to resist calls to withdraw from the race, is undermining the likelihood of Democratic victory for Congress, as well as stopping Donald Trump.

The push by some members of Congress to promote Biden’s withdrawal is creating a major crisis of confidence, which can only help the Republican Party and Donald Trump!

Rationale For Joe Biden To Retire

Joe Biden has been an excellent President, but it was a mistake for him to decide to run for reelection at age 81.

The fact that he had a disastrous debate performance in the June 27 Presidential debate, while tragic, was a blessing that it happened now, not in September, when it would be too late to withdraw, and likely, would be a fatal situation.

The odds of him finishing a second term alive under the stresses of the position are not good, and he could be incapacitated, whereby he would have to leave office, or be in the kind of condition that Woodrow Wilson was in his last two years in office.

His wife, Dr. Jill Biden, is very devoted to her husband, but needs to be realistic, and wish for her husband to have peace of mind, and have the burdens of office taken off him, so he can have a pleasant and, hopefully, prolonged, retirement period.

Every President since 1900, with the exceptions of Warren G. Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy have retired, and every President since Herbert Hoover has had a Presidential Library open while he was alive, other than JFK, with even FDR starting the planning of his library in his second term, and “founding” it in his third term in office.

It is time for Joe Biden to retire, enjoy private life, and hopefully, live to write his memoirs and open up his Presidential Library.

He has nothing to be ashamed of, as he saved America from Donald Trump, and now it is time to pass on that responsibility to others, with Kamala Harris ready to take the charge and attack against Donald Trump and everything evil that the Republican Party stands for.

Who Could Be Running Mate For Kamala Harris?

If Joe Biden were to decide to withdraw as the Democratic nominee for President in 2024, a heavy favorite to replace him would be Vice President Kamala Harris, although other Democrats might decide to contest her nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August.

If Harris is the Presidential nominee, the question is who would be a good choice for Vice President?

It would seem to this author and blogger that either a “swing state” Governor or someone who has proved ability to win office in a “Red” state would make the most sense.

So this author and blogger proposes one of the following two individuals:

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, age 51

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, age 46

Pennsylvania is a crucial swing state with 19 electoral votes, and Shapiro, who is Jewish, has had years of state experience as Attorney General of his state before being elected Governor by a solid margin, and is very popular, and seen as a future Presidential contender.

Kentucky is a “Red” state, but Beshear has been able to win the Governorship twice, and is highly popular, and could, in theory, put Kentucky’s 8 electoral votes in play, which would be a welcome potential addition to the Electoral College total for the Democrats.

248th Anniversary Of Declaration Of Independence, And America Is In A Constitutional Crisis! :(

We have arrived at the 248th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, declared on July 2, 1776, but with the final document being formulated and first signed by some of the delegates on July 4.

This is an anniversary with mixed feelings, as the American Republic is in danger of an absolute, authoritarian Fascist government being perpetrated on it by a renegade, right wing extremist majority of the US Supreme Court!

The Supreme Court is out of control, and the majority supporting the right wing, Fascist agenda of former President Donald Trump, and making it nearly impossible to hold him accountable for the January 6, 2021 US Capitol Insurrection and other crimes!

The balance of power of the three branches of government has been upended by the Supreme Court, in favor of an agenda to take away American democracy and the rule of law.

The only possible prevention of further extremism is the victory of the Democratic Party, but with a candidate who clearly is declining in his abilities, and thus causing a crisis that may insure not only his defeat, but a disastrous set of losses in Congress and state governments for the party and the nation!

So it is essential for Joe Biden to recognize reality, that he is not fit to serve until age 86, and therefore, to do the right thing and announce he is withdrawing from the Presidential race!

Kamala Harris Would Be Favored, If Joe Biden Decided To Withdraw: So What?

If Joe Biden were to decide to withdraw as a candidate, after the disastrous CNN Presidential debate five days ago, it is clear that Vice President Kamala Harris would be favored to be the Democratic Presidential nominee against Donald Trump.

So what is this author’s and blogger’s response, as Harris is perfectly capable of being President, and arguably more so than a number of recent Vice Presidents or Vice Presidential candidates.

Would any rational observer say that Spiro Agnew, Dan Quayle, or Mike Pence were better qualified, or that Dick Cheney, with his authoritarian qualities, would have been a preferable choice? And what about Sarah Palin, who was a potential threat to be Vice President?

Most of the opposition from the right wing about Harris is based on her gender and race, as she proved to be perfectly qualified as San Francisco District Attorney, California Attorney General, and California US Senator.

While there would be those who would prefer alternatives, Harris is a hearbeat away from the Presidency already for three and a half years, and is perfectly capable of being President, and doing a good job of upholding the Constitution, American democracy, and the rule of law, and certainly far better than Fascist authoritarian Donald Trump!

Harris would unify African American women, racial minorities in general, and white progressives and moderates who would see Donald Trump as “a clear and present danger”. She would perform very well against Trump in a debate format, as well.

Her Vice Presidential running mate could be Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, who has proved he could win a “Red” State more than once; or Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, leader of a crucial “swing state”.

Further Reflection: Trump V US Creates Constitutional Crisis Of Massive Proportions!

This author and blogger, upon further reflection, reverses his earlier assessment today, and has come to the conclusion that the Supreme Court has created a long term constitutional crisis in Trump V US, making the likelihood of an uncontrollable Presidency long term!

The last few days have been a whirlwind, since the disastrous Presidential debate of June 27.

It has turned everything we thought was stable and manageable into a massive crisis, only made worse by the recklessness of the extremist right wing Supreme Court, which has granted shocking executive authority and immunity to the Presidency beyond all past limits!

President Joe Biden just gave a five minute Oval Office Address to condemn the Trump V US Supreme Court decision, but made it clear he would not use that decision to abuse his powers.

Ultimately, what can stop this abuse is the American people voting in November to repudiate the threat of Donald Trump, and it raises the stakes on the Presidential Election Of 2024, clearly the most dangerous moment since the Civil War!

Trump V US Supreme Court Case A “Mixed” Result!

The case of Trump V US has finally been issued by the Supreme Court, and it is a disappointing decision, but despite strong criticism by many, it is a “mixed” decision, that allows for future prosecution.

It makes “official” acts of a President immune, but does not claim that all acts are official, and there are aspects of Donald Trump’s behavior around the Presidential Election Of 2020 that are clearly not protected.

So while some actions of Trump cannot be prosecutable due to the decision, the ability to move forward and prosecute Trump can only be prevented if Trump wins the Presidency again.

Otherwise, the actions around the Florida case of documents illegally at Mar A Lago, and the Georgia case of pressuring the Secretary of State to find votes to change the results, and some of the actions around January 6 can still be pursued in court.

The crucial action is to insure Donald Trump does not win the Presidential Election Of 2024, and that means the Democrats must do everything possible to insure victory, not only in the race for the White House, but also for the future 119th Congress!

Also, future Supreme Court and other judicial appointments are determined by who wins the White House, and the only way to reform the courts is more Democratic Presidential appointments, so another reason for the urgency to insure victory for the Democrats at all levels!

The Nation Needs A New Leader To Stop Donald Trump!

It has been a tormenting three days since the disaster of the Presidential debate.

This author and blogger has been indecisive in his views on what should happen, but as time has passed, the answer has come that the nation needs a new leader to stop Donald Trump.

This is not about Joe Biden, who will go down in history as a superb President, better in one term than James K. Polk, usually said to be the best one term President.

It is about the future of America, and the absolute, dire need to stop Donald Trump from returnning to the White House, as he will destroy the American Republican, democracy, the rule of law, and the Constitution!

The Democratic Party must promote an open convention, and allow any potential Presidential candidate to make his or her case over the next six to seven weeks, and then allow the delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago to choose who they wish to be their nominees for President and Vice President.

Joe Biden must recognize the need for change, as to believe that he can conduct the Presidency for the next four years to age 86 is unrealistic, as there has never been a democratically elected world leader at that age in world history!

Winston Churchill retired at age 80, and Biden will be 82 a few weeks after the election, and only Popes, Kings, and dictators such as in Iran presently, have served at later ages.

Joe Biden MUST do what is right for the nation, and he can hold his head high as a statesman by doing the right thing!

Donald Trump: A Fraud, Con Man, Liar, Sexual Assaulter, Convicted Felon!

While Joe Biden faltered in the Presidential debate on Thursday evening, Donald Trump unleashed dozens upon dozens of lies and mistruths!

The man has no character, no morals, no ethics, no scruples, no conscience, no sense of decency, compassion or empathy, and is all about himself!

Trump utters the most outrageous statements, and everything he says against Joe Biden and other critics is simply projections about his own behavior!

Donald Trump is mentally ill, delusional, and clearly is in a state of deterioration before our eyes, and his own family was not present for the debate, and his wife Melania, stays away from all campaign events!

There has never been a President like Trump, not even Richard Nixon, often seen as the most criminal element before Trump, but possessing intelligence, knowledge, and some important principles and significant accomplishments.

Richard Nixon did not consort and collaborate with foreign dictators against American National Security, as Trump has done, and Richard Nixon enforced the foreign alliances to protect Europe and Asia, while Trump has no regard or concern about any foreign government that is not an authoritarian dictatorship!

Time For Pause, Calming Spirit, And Careful Consideration Of Future Tactics!

Having read a number of opinions, and calming down from the shock of last evening’s Presidential debate, this author and blogger is taking a deep breath and reflecting that it is not a good idea to panic, although many decent people are doing so.

One must remember that Joe Biden has always been underestimated his whole life, and has always recovered from disappointments and tragedies.

Joe Biden is one of the most decent, humane public figures in my lifetime, and in the mind of this author and blogger, he became the new Hubert Humphrey, after the tragic passing of Humphrey in 1978 at the early age of 66.

Biden, like Humphrey, and only a small list of other political leaders in my lifetime, exudes decency, compassion, and sincerity, and his Presidency has been the best, most accomplished in domestic affairs since Lyndon B. Johnson.

And Biden has shown courage and principle in foreign affairs, dealing with very complex international problems in a measured way, and has great respect and admiration from world leaders, who fear the return of the most massive liar and most crooked President in American history, Donald Trump!

No wonder experts and scholars agree overwhelmingly that Donald Trump is the worst President, raising the stature of those two Presidents, James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson, that have been the bottom rankings for many years. This is demonstrated in the C Span Presidential Survey of 2021 and the Siena College Research Institute Survey of 2022, as well as the American Political Science Association Survey of 2024!

The struggle to stop Donald Trump requires commitment and truth, and Joe Biden deserves a chance to prove that what happened yesterday is not the norm. His rally in North Carolina this afternoon was inspiring, so give it a few days to a week for reflection, and then it might be time for action, but let us all pray for the best for Joe Biden and the nation he loves!