Presidential Election Of 2024

Historic Moment: Joe Biden Drops Reelection Bid And Endorses Kamala Harris For President!

After 24 tortous days, Joe Biden has finally decided to withdraw from the Presidential Election contest of 2024, and has thrown his endorsement to Vice President Kamala Harris.

It was a very emotional moment for this author and blogger, when he learned of the news at 2 pm EST today, as he has been a long time fan and supporter of Joe Biden.

But it is the right thing to do, as Joe Biden has produced an exceptional record in his one term in office, and will go down as the most successful one term President since James K. Polk in the 1840s, and a lot more positive than Polk was. But at his age, it was time to move on to the future, knowing he saved democracy by defeating Donald Trump in 2020.

Now it is time to unite around Harris, and make her the 47th President, and the battle is on, against the most evil and corrupt President in American history, Donald Trump, and his dangerous Vice Presidential running mate, JD Vance!

Potential Vice Presidential Nominees With Kamala Harris If She Replaces Joe Biden

Discussion has begun of potential Vice Presidential nominees who would join Vice President Kamala Harris on the Democratic Party ticket, if President Joe Biden decided to withdraw from the race, which seems more likely by the day.

Speculation has that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer might make for a “dynamite” ticket with Harris, making it an all female competition against two Republicans, Donald Trump and JD Vance, who could clearly be called male chauvinists at the least.

What an exciting race that would be, but the question is whether it would be a winning race. Whitmer, being from Michigan, a crucial swing state, could be a dynamic addition to the race, but it would seem a major gamble to have an all female ticket.

Other possibilities of running mates for Harris include:

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg
Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear
North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper
Arizona Senator Mark Kelly

Shapiro is Jewish, while Buttigieg is gay, either being a step forward on those factors. Shapiro is also from a “swing state” and Buttigieg now lives in Michigan, a “swing state” after earlier being Mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

Beshear and Cooper have been successful as Governors in Republican states, and North Carolina could be in play in the upcoming election.

Kelly, whose wife Gabby Giffords, was a victim of an assassination attempt in 2011 when a member of Congress and has recovered quite well, is a former astronaut and from another “swing state”.

The potential Vice Presidential list is very impressive, and any of the list of six individuals would add to a ticket headed by Harris! All are younger than Harris, except Kelly who is eight months older than Harris, and Cooper who is nearly seven years older at age 67.

The Lunacy Of Donald Trump’s Rhetoric!

Too much media attention has been paid to stuttering and verbal flubs of Joe Biden, while the lunacy of Donald Trump’s rhetoric has been ignored.

At a campaign rally earlier in July, Trump:

Praised Hannibal Lecter, a fictional cannibal, who he called his friend

Talked about his fear of sharks

Played Q-Anon Music

Praised white nationalism

Said he would not defend NATO allies against Russia

Referred to Project 2025 and said he would have people involved in that project in his future administration

Promised mass detention camps for millions of migrants before deportation

Promised to pardon January 6 Insurrectionists

Then, in his speech accepting the Republican Presidential nomination in Milwaukee on Thursday evening, Trump

Praised Kim Jong Un of North Korea, who he called his friend

Praised Hungary’s authoritarian leader, Viktor Orban

Thought Scott Walker, former Wisconsin Republican governor, was still Governor

Said he was taking over the auto industry, and attacked the United Auto Workers Union

Called COVID 19 “The China Virus”

Said he wanted to hold the next Republican convention in Venezuela

Made claims of respect by the Taliban in Afghanistan toward him

Called Nancy Pelosi “Crazy Nancy”

Continued to spread lies about the Presidential Election Of 2020

This craziness and instability of Trump needs to be focused on in detail and consistently by news media!

Sad, But Essential That Joe Biden Step Aside!

As a strong and loyal supporter of Joe Biden for many years, it is a sad moment that now this blogger and author strongly believes that Biden must step aside and endorse Kamala Harris as his successor.

Biden should finish his term, but give all his efforts to the promotion of Harris to be the 47th President of the United States.

Harris has been a loyal and dedicated Vice President, and the criticisms of her are primarily racist, sexist, and misogynistic, as she is, clearly, perfectly qualified to be the next President of the United States.

The latest public opinion polls demonstrate that Biden is behind Donald Trump in every “swing state”, as well as in trouble in states that should not be in play, including Virginia, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Colorado, and Minnesota, and the Second District in Nebraska.

The thought of Donald Trump and JD Vance as the next President and Vice President is horrifying, but it could be even worse with the Democrats losing the US Senate and failing to regain the House of Representatives majority, which otherwise seemed likely.

No one man can be seen to be allowed to use his ego over the needs of his nation, his party, and all of the American people.

So by Sunday night, Biden needs to address the nation and announce his withdrawal, and endorsement of Kamala Harris.

It is only a bit more than 100 days to the election, and six months to the inauguration, and the nation needs to see a unified Democratic Party fighting for a decent future, and preventing an extremist right wing government under Trump, and long term, the much more dangerous JD Vance!

JD Vance On Donald Trump, Foreign Policy, Abortion: Inheritor Of Maga Philosophy

JD Vance hated Donald Trump with a passion, until he did not.

He thought Trump was a potential Hitler, said the most insulting things about Trump.

At the same time, he connected with billionaire Peter Thiel, a right wing advocate, who pushed him to run for the Senate seat in Ohio, and is his major benefactor.

As a result, Vance has adopted admiration for Trump, and has taken on positions that are extreme, the most so for any Republican since Barry Goldwater in 1964.

Vance has demonstrated he is an isolationist, not willing to support Ukraine or Taiwan, so like Trump, cozying up to authoritarian governments, a shocking development for the heritage of the Republican Party since World War II.

Vance also has made clear he wants no exceptions for abortion, a national ban, and even if a young girl is made pregnant by a male relative, that incest is not an excuse to avoid following through on pregnancy, an unreasonable view.

Vance should be seen as a real threat long term, because he can now be seen as the inheritor of Donald Trump’s MAGA movement!

The fact that the Russian Foreign Minister has just praised Vance should be a warning sign of the danger of Trump and Vance, and to the long term stability of NATO and other alliances with democracies against authoritarian governments, including Taiwan against China, and South Korea and Japan against North Korea.

If Trump wins or even if he loses, JD Vance will be a presence in American politics for the long run, and it is essential that Americans understand the long term threat to American foreign and domestic policy!

JD Vance: Another Horrendous Republican Vice Presidential Nominee!

The Republican Party, historically, has often selected horrendous Vice Presidential nominees, and unfortunately, some of them end up as Vice President, making one concerned even more than normally, about the health and safety of the Republican President.

JD Vance of Ohio adds to a list of such nominees, including:

William E. Miller, running mate of Barry Goldwater in 1964
Spiro Agnew, running mate of Richard Nixon in 1968 and 1972
Dan Quayle, running mate of George H. W. Bush in 1988 and 1992
Sarah Palin, running mate of John McCain in 2008

Also, others, such as Jack Kemp, running mate of Bob Dole in 1996; Dick Cheney, running mate of George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004; Paul Ryan, running mate of Mitt Romney in 2012; and Mike Pence, running mate of Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, while all “qualified” and experienced, had many negative aspects to their candidacies.

The only exceptions one could claim were fully qualified and acceptable were Nelson Rockefeller as Vice President to Gerald Ford, and George H. W. Bush as Vice President to Ronald Reagan, and also Bob Dole as running mate of Gerald Ford in 1976.

And now we have JD Vance, who has only served 18 months as a Senator from Ohio, and who has completely changed his views on Donald Trump from what they were in 2016. And Vance comes across as a MAGA extremist who is unwilling to support Ukraine in its war with Russia; wants no exceptions for rape or incest with a total ban on abortion; and is clearly perceived as a “mini Trump”, who could carry on the Trump views in the future Republican Party.

And realize Vance called Trump a potential Adolf Hitler eight years ago, and now embraces him! If that is not a danger sign to voters, then such voters have no principles or conscience!

Danger Of Extremism Escalation By Donald Trump Supporters

The good news coming out after the attempted assassination of Donald Trump is that Trump and Joe Biden have spoken, and they had a cordial call.

Also, Trump has said his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Thursday has been modified to promote the idea of unity.

It seems that Trump, having a near death experience, may have been sobered in his approach to rhetoric, and we can hope so.

But that does not mean that his most vehement supporters, necessarily, will take the same view, as already, there are conspiracy theories on the internet and social media, designed to divide and stir up animosity against Democrats and President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

So there are fears that there could be more violence and potential bloodshed for the next four months of the Presidential and Congressional election campaigns.

And there is still the danger that the right wing, if they lose, will refuse to accept the results, and another January 6 type Insurrection or worse, could be in the offing.

Everyone needs to make an effort to calm partisan rhetoric that encourages confrontation, and while making partisan points, promotes the concept of a peaceful resolution of who is elected to run our federal, state, and local governments.

The news that Ohio Senator JD Vance has been chosen as Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential running mate is a clear sign that no matter what Trump said about “unity”, it is not going to happen.

More about Vance tomorrow!

Shocking, Disturbing Assassination Attempt Against Donald Trump!

The nation and the world is reeling from the shocking, disturbing assassination attempt against Donald Trump.

Much is unknown about the assassin, and the motivation, but violence against any political leader is totally reprehensible.

It is a relief that Trump was only slightly injured, although sadly, one person was killed and two others were seriously wounded in this dastardly assassination attempt.

Having said all that is appropriate to say, one must recognize that the right wing in this country and Donald Trump himself has been escalating their rhetoric, advocating violence and bloodshed against their perceived “enemies”.

So use of such rhetoric only promotes such action, and already, the right wing is politicizing the tragedy, and seems ready to raise the stress level ever further, putting candidates for public office in danger, and particularly the Democratic Party opposition led by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

It looks likely that ever more danger and threats will undermine the Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024, and short term at least, will probably lead to a political advantage for Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

With the status of Joe Biden, as to whether he will continue to run, or bow out, still up in the air, we are on the road to the most tumultuous possible situation since at least 1968, but in many ways, going back to 1860!

Also, this author and blogger wishes to respond to one reader who was upset that I posted a final article a short time ago about the dangers of Project 2025.

That article was planned before this horrible event, and even in the midst of this terrible tragedy, freedom of expression remains an American virtue, and there is no need to stifle such a basic civil liberty!

Project 2025: Final Conclusions On Danger Of Extremist Right Wing Agenda!

This author and blogger has spent a week describing the organization, the Heritage Foundation, and its threatening leader, Kevin Roberts.

There is so much that needs to be written about Project 2025, but I will summarize for now the major ideas and points, with the possibility that in the future weeks and months, the subject of this threat to American democracy, the Constitution, and rule of law will be addressed further.

Project 2025 presents a threat to the nation in so many ways:

The possibility of a dictatorship, with dangerous followers and believers in Donald Trump, imposing their will on the American people, and destroying the nation as we come upon its 250th anniversary in 2026.

The destruction of the federal government and its agencies and departments, ending the civil service bureaucracy created under the Pendleton Act of 1883.

The threat to America’s position in world affairs, with the possibility of the destruction of our foreign alliances, and instead, collaboration with authoritarian dictatorships, based upon the Communist model, despite Trump claiming the Democrats are “Communists, Socialists”!

The destruction of the environment, as climate change and global warming becomes more of a crisis every year, undermining the health and safety of millions of Americans, mostly those who are poor and deprived.

The clear racism and antisemitism and misogyny that Project 2025 promotes, in the name of white Christian nationalism and supremacy, in a nation founded on separation of church and state.

The threat of military and police control, taking away the civil liberties of the Bill of Rights and the Civil Rights Era under Chief Justice Earl Warren and the Supreme Court in the 1950s and 1960s.

The destruction of the American economy, with the continuing dominance of corporations and billionaires, and the subjugation of workers and unions, all in the name of unbridled capitalism, as existed in the Gilded Age of the late 19th century in America.

The undermining of public education, instead promoting propaganda and mistruths about history, science, literature, and other areas of the curriculum, all part of a plan to control the minds of the future generations to accept the goals of those who wish to control them in an authoritarian matter long term!

The arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment of political critics and destruction of a free press, and expanding a judiciary that promotes a right wing agenda long term!

These threats must be met by resolve to prevent this extremism from gaining power, and destroying the American nation!

Project 2025: Pro Authoritarian, Anti Democracy!

Project 2025, the 900 plus pages document from The Heritage Foundation, is a total disaster when it comes to foreign policy.

It promotes “warm” relations with the Russian Federation, despite its war with Ukraine; with China, despite the looming threat to Taiwan: and with North Korea, despite the looming threat to South Korea and Japan, and really all of Southeast Asia.

Trump would refuse to support Ukraine, a continuation of his view on that nation; and has been sharply critical of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), endangering the 32 nations in that alliance, which has promoted European stability and democracy in most of those nations.

Donald Trump is promoting isolationism, failing to understand that it endangers national security and undermines American intelligence agencies and the close relations our nation has, including cooperation between the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of State, and the Department of Defense with foreign governments.

The fact that he praises Vladimir Putin of Russia, Xi Jinping of China, and Kim Jong Un of North Korea on a continuing basis is alarming and dangerous!