Authoritarian Fascism

Project 2025: Authoritarian Fascism Replacing Democracy!

Project 2025, the work of the Heritage Foundation, is a declaration of war on American democracy, the US Constitution, and the rule of law.

Authoritarian Fascism would replace the kind of government we have had for nearly 250 years.

It would establish a dictatorship, with a crazed, unstable criminal in charge, and even if Donald Trump was not aware of policy details, there would be a massive number of ideological loyalists, much younger, who would be making policy and enforcing discipline, with some of them already involved in illegal and criminal activities in the first Trump administration.

Trump has made clear he wants to be a dictator on Day One, but clearly it would not stop on that day!

Project 2025 would allow Trump the ability to deploy the military against American citizens who utilized the right of assembly to protest government policies!

Project 2025 would promote the arrest and deportation of up to 11 million non citizens, who would be placed in internment camps, a reminder of what happened to Japanese Americans in World War II!

Project 2025 would allow the termination of tens of thousands government employees, to be replaced by Trump loyalists, who would have a deleterious effect on government policy in a multitude of areas!

Project 2025 would promote Christian Nationalism, and impose religious beliefs in public schools, already occurring in Louisiana and Oklahoma, ignoring the reality that it would undermine religious freedom and separation of church and state!

Project 2025 would allow political persecution of opponents, both in government and the media, with Trump threatening imprisonment of prominent critics, including those who investigated the January 6, 2021 US Capitol Insurrection!

Trump himself has said that while he wants everyone to vote in 2024, that he does not care if they vote after that, implying there may not be any future elections as he would be President for life!

So much more will be delineated in future articles, but all of the above is alarming to the extreme, and every effort must be made to insure that Donald Trump never gets near the Oval Office again!

248th Anniversary Of Declaration Of Independence, And America Is In A Constitutional Crisis! :(

We have arrived at the 248th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, declared on July 2, 1776, but with the final document being formulated and first signed by some of the delegates on July 4.

This is an anniversary with mixed feelings, as the American Republic is in danger of an absolute, authoritarian Fascist government being perpetrated on it by a renegade, right wing extremist majority of the US Supreme Court!

The Supreme Court is out of control, and the majority supporting the right wing, Fascist agenda of former President Donald Trump, and making it nearly impossible to hold him accountable for the January 6, 2021 US Capitol Insurrection and other crimes!

The balance of power of the three branches of government has been upended by the Supreme Court, in favor of an agenda to take away American democracy and the rule of law.

The only possible prevention of further extremism is the victory of the Democratic Party, but with a candidate who clearly is declining in his abilities, and thus causing a crisis that may insure not only his defeat, but a disastrous set of losses in Congress and state governments for the party and the nation!

So it is essential for Joe Biden to recognize reality, that he is not fit to serve until age 86, and therefore, to do the right thing and announce he is withdrawing from the Presidential race!

Time For Reality: Joe Biden MUST Step Aside, And “Swing State” Governors Are Best Combination To Stop Trump! :(

This author and blogger is shell shocked from the disastrous performance of Joe Biden last evening in his debate with Donald Trump.

Biden was clearly not well physically, having a cold and a raspy voice, but also, mentally, not “with it”, and sadly, as much as I have “loved” Biden and have been proud of him and his record, it is time for him to announce that he will not run for President.

However, the best alternative is NOT a Californian, such as Vice President Kamala Harris or California Governor Gavin Newsom, but rather two young “swing state” Governors!

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro (age 51) and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (age 53) is a perfect combination that can rally all Democratic groups of voters, and attract independents and sane Republicans who do not want Donald Trump back in the White House!

Much more analysis and discussion will occur, but the Democratic National Convention should unite around Shapiro and Whitmer as the best combination to defeat Donald Trump and his authoritarian Fascist threat to American democracy and rule of law!

Mind Boggling That Convicted Felon Is Allowed To Run For President!

Only a few days since the felony conviction of Donald Trump, it is mind boggling that a convicted felon is allowed to run for President, and is gaining the support of over 90 percent of Republican officeholders, who are attacking the judicial system and the rule of law.

It is also mind boggling that members of the Supreme Court are willing to undermine American democracy and their own reputations in service of a man who has made clear that he wants to destroy the US Constitution, American democracy, and to seek retribution on his enemies, and declare a dictatorship on Day One and beyond.

It is also beyond understanding why the judge, prosecutor, jury and witnesses in the Donald Trump trial are facing constant threats to their personal security and that of their family members, and yet no condemnation by Republicans to this threat to public order.

The American nation also has allies in NATO and other friendly nations around the world who are truly alarmed at the prospect of a second Donald Trump Presidency, and have told Joe Biden that he must insure that Trump, a menace to the world, is not permitted to retake power.

The concept that Donald Trump still keeps millions of supporters makes one wonder what is wrong with the mental health of the American people.

How could any decent person who is Jewish, African American, Latino American, Asian American, and any person who professes to true Christian faith be able to overlook the record of destruction and hatred of Donald Trump, and vote for authoritarian Fascism just before the 250th anniversary of the American Republic?

Clarence Thomas And Samuel Alito Have Disgraced The Supreme Court!

The US Supreme Court is facing a backlash, due to two of its members, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, being engaged in their actions and statements, and by their wives’ interactions, with promoting the conspiracy theory that the Presidential Election Of 2020 was “stolen” from Donald Trump by Joe Biden.

Ginni Thomas, wife of Clarence Thomas, actively promoted the January 6 2021 US Capitol Insurrection, but Thomas has refused to recuse himself from cases related to Donald Trump and the horrible events of that day.

And the wife of Samuel Alito displayed the American flag upside down in reaction to neighbors who displayed signs against Donald Trump in the days after the US Capitol attack.

Both Justices have made clear they will do what they can to undermine the federal case against Donald Trump, and this presents a danger that Donald Trump will escape prosecution, and might be given immunity from accountability.

This could lead to a Presidential dictatorship and the emergence of Fascism in the federal government, and with the threats of Donald Trump to destroy American democracy and the rule of law.

Public opinion on the image of the Supreme Court has reached an all time low, and Chief Justice John Roberts needs to intervene to insist that these two Justices must not be engaged in decisions involving the controversies of Janury 6!

Massive Fundraising Event For Democrats With Biden, Obama, Clinton!

For all those who believe the Democratic Party offers the best hope for the future, last night’s massive fundraising event at Radio City Music Hall in NYC with Presidents Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton in attendance, was a magnificent event!

A total of $26 million was raised for the fight ahead for American democracy, the US Constitution, and the rule of law!

All three Presidents are united in their fight against the autocratic, Fascist threat of Donald Trump, and many reasonable and patriotic conservatives and Republicans are also committed to the struggle for the future against this evil man!

When one looks back at the Presidencies of Obama and Clinton, and the accomplishments of Joe Biden, and compares them to the dismal record of Republicans in the White House, one knows that we are engaged in a righteous cause, the most challenging time since World War II!

Former Senator John Danforth’s Bad Judgment: Clarence Thomas And Josh Hawley!

Former Republican Senator John Danforth of Missouri served in the upper body of Congress for three terms from 1976-1995, gaining a reputation as a moderate conservative who was highly respected by his party and by the opposition Democrats.

Danforth came across as a man of dignity and thoughtfulness, and retired with his reputation unchallenged.

But in retrospect, Danforth can now be shown to have had bad judgment on two individuals who have negatively affected American politics.

Danforth is the person who promoted the elevation of Clarence Thomas to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court in 1991.

And Danforth also promoted the advancement of Josh Hawley to become a US Senator from Missouri in 2018.

Both Thomas and Hawley have been engaged in promoting a coverup of the January 6, 2021 US Capitol Insurrection, with Thomas’s wife encouraging that horrendous event, and Hawley putting up his fist on that day in support of the mob that was descending on the US Capitol, but later fleeing like a coward when the situation got out of hand.

Thomas has been a disgrace on the Court for 33 years now, and Hawley is running for reelection.

Danforth himself has said his backing of Hawley was the worst mistake in his career, but refuses to say the same about the much greater long term damage wrought by Thomas.

So despite his reputable record in the US Senate for 18 years, ending 30 years ago, John Danforth will go down as having, maybe inadvertently, contributed to the Fasist threat of Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans, by having fully backed and promoted both Clarence Thomas and Josh Hawley!

Three Former Republican Governors Invoke 14th Amendment Section Three As Disqualifying Donald Trump For Presidency!

Three former Republican Governors have invoked the 14th Amendment Section Three as disqualifying Donald Trump from running for the Presidency, due to Trump’s promotion of the January 6, 2021 US Capitol Insurrection.

Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, and former Montana Governor Marc Racicot (who also was a former Republican National Committee Chairman), have joined a legal brief stating Donald Trump is ineligible to run.

The nation is waiting to see if the Supreme Court will agree, but there is fear that the six Republican appointments, including the three chosen by Donald Trump, will refuse to do the right thing and save the nation from the nightmare of this Fascist oriented dictatorial monster, who has no regard for the rule of law!

Elise Stefanik A Totally Unprincipled MAGA Republican After Being Moderate!

New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is a totally unprincipled MAGA Republican who started off as a “moderate” upstate NY Republican a decade ago, but has now sold her soul to Donald Trump.

She has made a reputation for herself as a demagogue, who is attacking University Presidents, as a so called champion of Israel; as an election denier of the 2020 Presidential Election results, and now ready to resist the results in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election; calling the January 6 Insurrectionists “hostages”; and having no issue with Donald Trump’s utterances that are seen as authoritarian Fascist in nature, including his promotion of a dictatorship on Day One if he is elected in November.

It is clear she is auditioning to be Trump’s Vice Presidential running mate, clearly extremely ambitious but having a lack of any principles other than her own advancement at the expense of American democracy!

Supreme Court Will Take Up Colorado Ballot Access Case Of Donald Trump!

A month from now, on February 8, the Supreme Court will hear the case of Colorado barring Donald Trump from the Presidential primary ballot.

Maine has also gone in that direction, and many other states are in process of doing so.

This case will need to be decided in an expedited manner, with Super Tuesday primaries coming up in early March.

The Court would wish to stay out of the political thicket, but cannot do so, and this will be the most important such intervention since the Bush V Gore case in 2000.

Arguably, it is even more important, since Donald Trump is a threat to American democracy, the Constitution, and the rule of law, a series of realities that was not the same with George W. Bush in 2000.

Many conservative scholars and jurists think the Court will bar Trump from the ballots, which would be a victory for sanity and democracy, because Trump’s own rhetoric is Fascist oriented, and he advocates retribution and revenge, and speaks in Adolf Hitler rhetoric.

Also, this Court majority has emphasized their belief in “textualism” and “originalism” interpretation of the Constitution, so if they keep to that viewpoint, they will bar Trump from running for President.

The most corrupt President in American history needs to be stopped in his quest to undermine the future of America as his personal agenda, and his 25-35 percent support makes one wonder about the mental stability of his followers, who fail to see the danger of his attempt to regain power!