About Dr. Feinman

Ronald Feinman

I am a professor of American History, Government and Politics, a lecturer on modern American topics, an author and a blogger.
I am the author of two books:
In addition to blogging on this website, I publish a regular column on History News Network, and my writing has appeared in TIME Magazine, Newsweek, and The Hill.  And as of August 27, 2019, I have a Blog Page of all my articles on History News Network so far published, and new articles will be added to that list, all under my name Ronald L. Feinman.
 I have also been published as a source on contemporary politics by the following newspapers, including:

I am proud to call myself a liberal and a progressive, as it has been liberals and progressives who have promoted the political, social and economic reforms of the past century that have made America the country that it is–a democracy designed to protect personal freedom, but also promote what is best for the nation as well.

The goal of this blog is to present my views on public affairs and to invite comment and discussion on the important issues America faces in the nation and world today. I will publish all comments, except those which use insulting or foul language, or engage in name calling. Disagreement can still lead to a dignified and civilized discussion, which can educate this blogger, the correspondent, and the readers of this blog.

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