January 6 2021 US Capitol Insurrection

Distinguished Group Of 25 Historians Advocating Removal Of Donald Trump Presidential Candidacy Under 14th Amendment Section Three Of The Constitution

The upcoming Supreme Court case regarding whether Donald Trump should be removed from ballots in Colorado and nationwide for the Presidential Election of 2024 will be argued this Thursday, and a distinguished group of 25 historians has submitted briefs supporting Colorado in the case Trump V Anderson.

Among the reputable historians giving views supportive of such action are:

Allan J. Lichtman of American University
Nell Irvin Painter of Princeton University
James McPherson of Princeton University
Thomas C. Holt of the University of Chicago
Brooks D. Simpson of Arizona State University
Lawrence Powell of Tulane University
Peter C. Hoffer of University of Georgia
Steve Hahn of New York University

There are a multitude of conservative thinkers and authors who also believe Trump inspired the 2021 US Capitol Insurrection, and should be banned under the 14th Amendment Section 3.

The question is whether the conservative dominated US Supreme Court will follow through on their beliefs in “Textualism” and “Originalism”, or whether they will demonstrate their hypocrisy, with most observers thinking the latter will happen!

The reputation of the Court as an institution, and of its nine members, is at stake.

Associate Justice Clarence Thomas should recuse himself in this case, since his wife was involved in the Insurrection.

And Chief Justice John Roberts should want his Court to be seen in history as reputable!

Earlier Courts unanimously repudiated Richard Nixon in US V Nixon (1974), and Bill Clinton in Clinton V Jones (1997), so the present Court has a heavy burden to deal with for history!

Concern Grows Over Low Biden Ratings, As Trump Rants And Raves!

Public Opinion Polls continue to give President Joe Biden low ratings, and it is starting to alarm Democrats who are stunned by these polls.

One remembers that public opinion polls have been wrong so often in the past, but the thought that a Fascist authoritarian, Donald Trump, who has called for the end of the Constitution, and calls the criminals who attacked the US Capitol “hostages”, and embraces dictators around the world, might defeat Biden is horrifying!

One wonders if there is any possibility of Joe Biden withdrawing from the race, as Lyndon B. Johnson did in March 1968 after announcing for another term in the Presidency.

If that were to happen, Vice President Kamala Harris, sadly not well regarded in public opinion polls, mostly due to her race and gender, would be the likely heir apparent, but the odds of her being able to carry the mantle of the Biden Presidency and win the election, seems highly unlikely.

There are Democrats who would run in the future, but it is almost too late for their entrance into the race at this point.

So American democracy hangs in the balance as the nation comes into an eventful, transformative election year around the corner!

Speaker Of The House Mike Johnson Disqualified For Wanting To Cover Up January 6 Crimes!

The new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, has just disqualified himself for that position, and should be summarily removed, after his announcement that he wants to cover up the crimes of January 6, 2021 by blurring faces on the videos!

Fortunately, the House January 6 Committee had the videos with the faces evident, but the idea of trying to prevent prosecution of individuals who committed crimes, and attacked police, and caused deaths and injuries, is beyond the pale!

Johnson is a disgrace, and should resign, and the small number of moderate Republicans should move to disqualify him, and force a new Speakership race!

This man is worse than any previous Republican Speaker, and possibly, the worst ever Speaker, and yet he professes to be a “good Christian”, but willing to cover up crimes against the US Capitol!

The End Of A Possible President Mike Pence!

Ever since Mike Pence became Vice President on January 20, 2017, the possibility of his accession to the Presidency remained a looming possibility.

The unstable and negative behavior of Donald Trump made this blogger and author think Pence might succeed to the Presidency rapidly in the early months of the term.

The constant crises and two Trump impeachments also put Pence in line for the Presidency, under the 25th Amendment, or the forced removal or resignation of Donald Trump.

Mike Pence stood for the rule of law in his refusal to help Trump steal the Presidential Election of 2020 on January 6, 2021, and could have lost his life that day if the circumstances and threats of that dark day had turned out differently.

Pence stood for the Constitution, and that will be his historic significance.

But he also was too much willing to bend to Donald Trump otherwise, even though Trump was as different in a moral and ethical sense as anyone could be from the highly religious Mike Pence.

Pence had no chance to become President for the next election, and has decided to leave the race, and he will have little impact on the future of a party which has, in so many ways, abandoned its principles. The Republicans have gravitated toward a total political disaster by following in the lead of the disgraced, twice impeached, four times indicted, and totally immoral and unethical former President Donald Trump.

So Pence will be seen as part of a Republican Party that is now in the distant past, as the so called Reagan wing of the party’s history goes into the distance as a lost memory!