Health Insurance Coverage

Papa John’s CEO Complains That ObamaCare Will Raise Pizza Prices By 11-14 Cents! So What?

The CEO of Papa John’s, John Schnatter, has made a public complaint that “ObamaCare”, requiring him to give health insurance to all uninsured, full time employees by 2014, will raise pizza prices by 11 to 14 cents.

There is doubt as to whether that is really the case, but even if it is, is it not worth it for customers to be willing to pay such a measly amount extra for their pizza?

Is anyone going to decide not to buy pizza because of having to pay a dime and four pennies more as a maximum?

Actually, deciding not to buy Papa John’s would probably, long term, be better for one’s health, as it certainly is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a superior pizza that everyone must have!

If the price is to pay a bit more for those who consume Papa John’s, so be it, for the good of the full time employees of the company, who deserve consideration by their employer, instead of public complaints!