Day: May 1, 2024

Universities And The Israel-Hamas War: The Appropriate Role For Professors

The sad and tragic events occurring at many universities and college across tha nation regarding the Israel-Hamas War are inciting anti Jewish and anti Muslim hatred, which is deplorable!

And the fact that there are university and college professors who are abandoning their role as moderators of differences, and actively engaging in promoting occupation of university facilities and extremist actions and rhetoric, is totally outrageous and unacceptable behavior!

The role of professors is to promote dialogue and discussion, and work to promote understanding, but their standing as faculty does not give them the right to provoke extremist actions of any kind!

Free speech and the right to demonstrations on public issues does not certify the right to occupy buildings and provoke violence, so professors lose their high ethical and moral standing when they do so, and it should be condemned by all reasonable people!