Day: May 10, 2024

An Impossible Situation For Joe Biden In Israel-Hamas War!

The Israel-Hamas War, now seven months long and counting, has seen about 35,000 killed in the Gaza Strip, with up to two thirds being civilian women and children.

Famine is occurring, and the situation is about to become worse, with the impending invasion of Rafah by the Israeli Defense Forces.

There is an argument that Israel must invade Rafah in order to exterminate Hamas, but many think more civilian deaths will certainly result, and that the goal will never be fully achieved.

The Democratic Party is split on strategy, and President Joe Biden’s decision to hold up on weapons shipments is alienating many Jewish voters, while Arab and Muslim voters are furious at Biden for having supported Israel so completely until now.

This is an impossible political situation, that could lead to the defeat of Biden in the Presidential Election of 2024, although there are many other factors involved in how people will vote.