Month: April 2024

235 Years Since The Inauguration Of George Washington!

On this day in 1789, George Washington was inaugurated, 57 days late, as the first President of the United States, in the downtown Wall Street area of New York City.

Washington was the right person to start the Presidency of a new Republic, and he knew that it was essential that he give up power, in order to insure the survival and stability of the nation in the long term future.

We cannot thank Washington enough, or all of the later Presidents who knew when to leave!

And we can also be thankful that even in hotly contested elections in the future, Presidents who lost reelection—John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George H. W. Bush–followed the tradition Washington had set by leaving office.

Also, we have to be thankful that in close elections, such candidates as Samuel Tilden in 1876, Al Gore in 2000, and Hillary Clinton in 2016 were gracious in defeat, and that Vice Presidents who lost the succession to their President—Richard Nixon in 1960, Hubert Humphrey in 1968—also were gracious in defeat, as was Gore in 2000.

Sadly, the crisis today is due to the reality that Donald Trump would not accept defeat graciously, and provoked a violent mob on January 6, 2021, for which he must be held accountable!

College Campuses And The Israel-Hamas War

The Israel-Hamas War in the Gaza Strip in the past seven months has led to the deaths of more than 34,000 Palestinians, including approximately two thirds being women and children.

It has become the biggest controversy on college campuses in many decades, and has led to massive demonstrations and occupations of many campuses by protesters, and by outside agitators not connected to the universities.

The ugly situation has many tones of antisemitism, endangering Jewish students, advocating violence, and calling for destruction of Israel.

Freedom of speech and the right to protest are basic constitutional rights, but it does not include the right to interfere with normal operation of educational institutions.

One can disagree with the strategy and tactics of the Israeli government, and yet also understand that a nation has the right to exist and to defend itself after the horrific massacre of about 1,200 people on October 7, 2023 by the extremist Hamas terrorist group.

One can also condemn right wing MAGA Republicans, led by Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, Ohio Senator J D Vance, and other extremists, who want to employ military force to end the protests.

It is also disturbing that college students often have little knowledge and information, as they rely on social media, rather than established news sources, for their view of the world.

Colleges are supposed to be places for debates, education, empathy, and understanding, not for occupation and calls for genocide against an entire nation and people. To allow a small percentage of students and outside agitators to shut down a campus and threaten those who are opposed to their tactics is reprehensible.

These disturbances on college campuses are undermining the future of universities in the public mind, as extremism, violence, and occupation by many students and outsiders endanger public support for higher education.

It is also making more likely that many commencement ceremonies around the nation will be canceled, and this for students, who in many cases, did not have a high school graduation ceremony due to the COVID 19 Pandemic in the Spring of 2020.

Many of these demonstrators are destroying their education, as many will be suspended or expelled, will face possible criminal charges, and many corporations will be unwilling to hire people involved in civil disobedience without any conclusion.

Young people have a right to their beliefs, but not to stop the operations of universities, as many of these individuals will regret long term their youthful emotions that will not be good for their long term futures.

Every effort must be utilized to end the Israel-Hamas War and to free the remaining hostages, and Joe Biden has a major challenge ahead of him to convince Benjamin Netanyahu to change his strategy that has endangered the international community’s view of the conflict.

This issue could affect the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August, bringing back memories of the disastrous Chicago Democratic convention in 1968, that led to the defeat of Hubert Humphrey and the Presidency of Richard Nixon.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem And Animals: A Sign Of Cruelty!

Republican Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota is said to be on the “short list” of Vice Presidential running mates for Donald Trump.

Noem has been doing everything possible to flatter Donald Trump, including having suggested that Trump be added, somehow, to Mount Rushmore!

Noem has been a heartless governor on so many issues, including abortion rights, as she is vehemently “Pro Life”, or so she claims!

But now, in a newly published book, she informs us, which is weird in itself, that she shot and killed a 14 month old puppy and a family goat and threw them in a gravel pit on her farm, as she saw them as “untrainable” and “aggressive” in the case of the dog, and “nasty” and “mean” in the case of the goat.

There may have been problems with training the dog, but Noem displayed cruelty and heartlessness, and this from a political leader who, supposedly, values life!

Displaying cruelties to animals should be a major factor in eliminating Noem as potentially a heartbeat away from the Presidency!

Ultimate Issue Of 2024: 21st Century And Preservation Of 20th Century Advancements, Or Return To 19th Century?

With all of the complex and often confusing issues that have an effect on American politics in the upcoming Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024, one reality stands out!

Are we to embrace the 21st century and preserve the 20th century advancements of the early 20th century Progressive Era, the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Earl Warren Supreme Court decisions, and the Great Society of Lyndon B. Johnson?

Or are we to return to the 19th century post Civil War Gilded Age concept of limited national government, Jim Crow segregation of African Americans, lack of basic human rights for women, and states rights limiting basic freedoms and rights of all but the most powerful corporations and wealthy upper class of Americans?

Supreme Court Unpredictable On Presidential Immunity Case, Mind Boggling!

After watching and listening to commentary about the Supreme Court Presidential Immunity case of Donald Trump, one is left with a sense of unpredictability as to what the Court will determine and when.

It seems clear that there might be a split on the Court, with the likely “best” result being a 5-4 vote for limited use of Presidential immunity for official actions, but not for “private” actions such as campaigning for reelection.

Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Ketanji Brown Jackson seem certain on disputing Presidential immunity, and it also seems that the fourth woman on the Court, Amy Coney Barrett, might join them, leaving the determining vote likely to be Chief Justice John Roberts.

The other four Justices seem not to be concerned with any limits on Presidential immunity, including the events of January 6, 2021, which, if it works out that way, would be totally outrageous and disgraceful!

Joe Biden Outstanding On Labor, And On The Environment

When the history of the Joe Biden Presidency is written in the future, two things will stand out as particularly notable.

First, Joe Biden is, arguably, the most pro labor President since Franklin D. Roosevelt, more than any Democratic President since then, and easily more so than any Republican President! Many labor unions have endorsed his reelection, more so than any modern President.

Secondly, Joe Biden’s record on the environment and climate change is something to cheer, and it seems likely he will rank as one of the top few Presidents on that issue. Many environmental groups, including the Conservation Lands Foundation most notably, are cheered by his actions on this important area of government policy.

These are not minor matters, and are two of a multitude of reasons to do everything possible to insure that Joe Biden is reelected President, as Donald Trump has a horrendous record on both issues, along with a multitude of others!

Growing Federal Regulations Under Joe Biden, Essential To Continue!

President Joe Biden is presiding over growing federal regulations that benefit the American people.

The Department of Transportation under Pete Buttigieg is moving to give more rights to airline passengers to receive compensation for delayed or canceled flights.

The Federal Trade Commission is banning most employers from utilizing abusive non-compete clauses in many fields of work, which have made it impossible for employees who leave jobs to work at competitors who are in the same residential area.

The nursing home industry also is being required by the Department of Health and Human Services to have a registered nurse on staff at all times, due to the horrendous lack of concern and care for the elderly and disabled who live in terrible conditions.

Of course, there may be Supreme Court cases trying to reverse these and other regulatory actions, so the battle on federal regulations never ends!

Trump Support Declining In Latest Polls!

The Donald Trump Criminal trial in New York City is undermining his support, which already was never the majority of Americans.

Recent polls also indicate that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is taking away Trump supporters more than Joe Biden supporters in his crazy third party bid!

The information about payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal to cover up their affairs with Donald Trump, and the renewal of the information about the Access Hollywood tape of 2016, which almost destroyed Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, now has “reared its ugly head” once again!

As more women look at the facts about Trump’s disrespect for women, and the fact that he has caused the end of abortion rights through Roe V Wade being reversed in Dobbs V Jackson Women’s Health Organization in 2022 by the Supreme Court, and has bragged about it, seems certain to insure his defeat in November, beyond many other issues and factors!

55 Years Of Earth Day And The Environmental Protection Agency!

On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day was declared by Richard Nixon, although it was a number of Democratic Senators, including most notably Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, who pushed the idea, accepted and made official by the US government.

On April 22, 1994, the 25th Earth Day declaration, Richard Nixon passed away, now 30 years having passed since then.

Joe Biden has been very active in promoting environmental reform, and many environmental groups, including the Conservation Lands Foundation have hailed Biden as one of the best Presidents on the issue of the environment!

Much work has been done, but the environmental movement still faces threats from MAGA Republicans and Donald Trump, who if returned to the White House, would cut back on advancements that have occurred!

So the battle for the future of the environment still rages!

House Republican Majority Support Putin Over Ukraine!

It is now official: More than half of the House of Representatives Republicans support Vladimir Putin and Russia, as 112 of the party members voted against aid to Ukraine!

So the Republican Party is dominated now in the House of Representatives by MAGA Republicans, and are loyal to Donald Trump, who has no interest in preserving democracy, and is a threat to the survival of European democracies and NATO!

This trend has been obvious since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President nine years ago, and cozied up to Russia at that time and since!

This needs to be emphasized by Democrats for the Presidential and Congressional Elections coming up in just over six months!

The Republican Party is a “clear and present danger” to American democracy, the US Constitution, and the rule of law, and must be fully exposed as what they are–traitors to America!