Day: April 3, 2024

RFK Jr Is Unbalanced, Unstable, And Repudiates His Revered Father’s Memory!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would be ignored if he was not his revered father’s namesake.

His family has repudiated him, and his 95 year old mother, Ethel Kennedy, is mortified over what her son is doing, working to defeat Joe Biden, who has a bust of RFK on his desk, shares his birthdate of November 20, and sees him as his hero!

RFK Jr. has been a vaccine denier without any evidence; and tells America that Joe Biden is more of a danger to democracy than Donald Trump!

That alone demonstrates how clueless RFK Jr. is, but his ignorant followers could determine who wins any of the battleground states if he ends up on the state ballots in November.

At this point, he is only on about six state ballots, and hopefully, he will be unable to succeed in being on most state ballots.

And he offers us his runningmate, Nicole Shanahan, a tech tycoon of 38, and with no qualifications to be President.

But then, RFK Jr. himself has no government experience or credentials of his own, and if his last name was Jones or Smith, no one would be paying any attention to him.

Hopefully, he will be as big of a flop as for instance Henry A. Wallace was in 1948, when Harry Truman was challenged, but overcame the opposition and won a surprise full term in the White House! And Henry A. Wallace had real credentials as compared to RFK Jr!