Day: April 25, 2024

Joe Biden Outstanding On Labor, And On The Environment

When the history of the Joe Biden Presidency is written in the future, two things will stand out as particularly notable.

First, Joe Biden is, arguably, the most pro labor President since Franklin D. Roosevelt, more than any Democratic President since then, and easily more so than any Republican President! Many labor unions have endorsed his reelection, more so than any modern President.

Secondly, Joe Biden’s record on the environment and climate change is something to cheer, and it seems likely he will rank as one of the top few Presidents on that issue. Many environmental groups, including the Conservation Lands Foundation most notably, are cheered by his actions on this important area of government policy.

These are not minor matters, and are two of a multitude of reasons to do everything possible to insure that Joe Biden is reelected President, as Donald Trump has a horrendous record on both issues, along with a multitude of others!