Congressional Elections Of 2024

Shocking, Disturbing Assassination Attempt Against Donald Trump!

The nation and the world is reeling from the shocking, disturbing assassination attempt against Donald Trump.

Much is unknown about the assassin, and the motivation, but violence against any political leader is totally reprehensible.

It is a relief that Trump was only slightly injured, although sadly, one person was killed and two others were seriously wounded in this dastardly assassination attempt.

Having said all that is appropriate to say, one must recognize that the right wing in this country and Donald Trump himself has been escalating their rhetoric, advocating violence and bloodshed against their perceived “enemies”.

So use of such rhetoric only promotes such action, and already, the right wing is politicizing the tragedy, and seems ready to raise the stress level ever further, putting candidates for public office in danger, and particularly the Democratic Party opposition led by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

It looks likely that ever more danger and threats will undermine the Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024, and short term at least, will probably lead to a political advantage for Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

With the status of Joe Biden, as to whether he will continue to run, or bow out, still up in the air, we are on the road to the most tumultuous possible situation since at least 1968, but in many ways, going back to 1860!

Also, this author and blogger wishes to respond to one reader who was upset that I posted a final article a short time ago about the dangers of Project 2025.

That article was planned before this horrible event, and even in the midst of this terrible tragedy, freedom of expression remains an American virtue, and there is no need to stifle such a basic civil liberty!

Biden Interview With George Stephanopoulos Not Convincing!

The George Stephanopoulos ABC primetime interview with President Biden on Friday night was not convincing that Biden is capable of being President for the next four years.

Biden clearly has aged in the past year, and the fact that he will not agree to a neurological and cognitive test is troubling.

Also, Biden claims that Democratic leaders will not intervene to convince him not to run, which seems delusional at this point.

He did not “think” that he had watched the June 27 debate since it occurred, which is odd that he was not giving an answer of certainty.

Joe Biden is allowing his ego to get in the way of reality, and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, by encouraging him to resist calls to withdraw from the race, is undermining the likelihood of Democratic victory for Congress, as well as stopping Donald Trump.

The push by some members of Congress to promote Biden’s withdrawal is creating a major crisis of confidence, which can only help the Republican Party and Donald Trump!

248th Anniversary Of Declaration Of Independence, And America Is In A Constitutional Crisis! :(

We have arrived at the 248th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, declared on July 2, 1776, but with the final document being formulated and first signed by some of the delegates on July 4.

This is an anniversary with mixed feelings, as the American Republic is in danger of an absolute, authoritarian Fascist government being perpetrated on it by a renegade, right wing extremist majority of the US Supreme Court!

The Supreme Court is out of control, and the majority supporting the right wing, Fascist agenda of former President Donald Trump, and making it nearly impossible to hold him accountable for the January 6, 2021 US Capitol Insurrection and other crimes!

The balance of power of the three branches of government has been upended by the Supreme Court, in favor of an agenda to take away American democracy and the rule of law.

The only possible prevention of further extremism is the victory of the Democratic Party, but with a candidate who clearly is declining in his abilities, and thus causing a crisis that may insure not only his defeat, but a disastrous set of losses in Congress and state governments for the party and the nation!

So it is essential for Joe Biden to recognize reality, that he is not fit to serve until age 86, and therefore, to do the right thing and announce he is withdrawing from the Presidential race!

Six Months To Presidential And Congressional Elections

It is precisely six months to the Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024, and polls indicate an extremely tight race for both the White House and control of both houses of Congress.

However, the fact that Donald Trump is unleashing lunatic statements and authoritarian threats daily, and is mired in a courtroom four days a week, are negatives that are affecting independent voters and undecided voters.

And abortion rights is seen as a definite loser for Trump and Republicans, as the vast majority of those polled, and particularly among women, clearly want women to control their own bodies and destinies.

The issue of the Israel-Hamas War, while creating problems for Joe Biden in Michigan, in particular, seems likely to calm down, as Muslims and Arabs voting for Donald Trump would not promote a different policy, as Trump has a record of working to persecute Muslims and support Israel.

The economy, and particularly inflation, is an issue, but one must remember that Trump did promote the largest tax cut and increase of the national debt for any one term President, and the economy was in free fall due to his inability to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic adequately.

The fight for control of both houses of Congress will be a bitter one, with the likelihood that both houses will have very small margins of the majority, with the House of Representatives likely to go Democratic, but the US Senate likely, at this point, to swing Republican.

So federal judge appointments and more environmental executive orders are crucial for the Democrats and Joe Biden to accomplish in the next six months.

And constantly reminding Americans of the danger to American Democracy cannot be emphasized enough.

May 4, 1970 Anniversary: A Sobering Moment Recalled

It is now 54 years since the National Guard, called onto the campus of Kent State University in Ohio by Republican Governor James Rhodes, opened up fire on student demonstrators against the war in Vietnam, and specifically, the invasion of Cambodia.

Four students were killed, including Jeffrey Miller, who was shot in the back while walking far away from the student demonstration, and led to the infamous photograph of a young girl weeping over his body as his blood drained out. Nine students were also wounded, and one was paralyzed for life in this tragedy.

The idea that it was appropriate to call in military forces to a college or university campus, now being promoted by many Republicans, including Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, is an example of how nothing has been learned from that horrendous tragedy.

This tragedy only emboldened President Richard Nixon, as many Americans believed in so called “law and order”, and the fear is that the present college campus demonstrations regarding the Israel-Hama War might only embolden Donald Trump and his followers in the upcoming Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024.

The South “The Abortion Desert”, Denial Of Basic Human Rights Of Women!

Just as the American South was the slavery promoters who provoked the Civil War in the 19th century, so now the American South is the “Abortion Desert”, taking away the basic human rights of women, as before with African Americans.

With Florida yesterday putting into effect a strict abortion ban, a woman who lives in the “Sunshine State” must travel to New Mexico, Kansas, Illinois, or Virginia as the closest locations to obtain an abortion, even if in medical distress that could end her life. This affects, in theory, about 4 million women of child bearing age in Florida.

A total of 17 states now completely ban abortion, including the entire South, except Virginia, and with some restrictions in North Carolina.

This is a “new slavery”, putting women “in their place”, under the control of religious extremists and misogynists! Vice President Kamala Harris went to Florida yesterday to denounce the new restrictions on women’s rights to control their own bodies.

The issue of abortion will be on the ballot in many states, including Florida, in the November elections, and it is urgent that this be perceived as THE ISSUE extremely important in the upcoming Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024.

Ultimate Issue Of 2024: 21st Century And Preservation Of 20th Century Advancements, Or Return To 19th Century?

With all of the complex and often confusing issues that have an effect on American politics in the upcoming Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024, one reality stands out!

Are we to embrace the 21st century and preserve the 20th century advancements of the early 20th century Progressive Era, the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Earl Warren Supreme Court decisions, and the Great Society of Lyndon B. Johnson?

Or are we to return to the 19th century post Civil War Gilded Age concept of limited national government, Jim Crow segregation of African Americans, lack of basic human rights for women, and states rights limiting basic freedoms and rights of all but the most powerful corporations and wealthy upper class of Americans?

House Republican Majority Support Putin Over Ukraine!

It is now official: More than half of the House of Representatives Republicans support Vladimir Putin and Russia, as 112 of the party members voted against aid to Ukraine!

So the Republican Party is dominated now in the House of Representatives by MAGA Republicans, and are loyal to Donald Trump, who has no interest in preserving democracy, and is a threat to the survival of European democracies and NATO!

This trend has been obvious since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President nine years ago, and cozied up to Russia at that time and since!

This needs to be emphasized by Democrats for the Presidential and Congressional Elections coming up in just over six months!

The Republican Party is a “clear and present danger” to American democracy, the US Constitution, and the rule of law, and must be fully exposed as what they are–traitors to America!

Abortion Rights Key Issue Of Presidential And Congressional Elections Of 2024!

The insane, lunatic action of the Arizona Supreme Court insures that abortion rights will be the key issue of the Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024.

The Republican Party and Donald Trump, and the corrupt majority of the Supreme Court have made abortion the major issue of human rights, as more than half the population of the nation will not tolerate the loss of bodily control that every human being should have!

The insanity of an 1864 law in Arizona, when there were fewer than 10,000 people living in the territory that did not become a state until 1912, being utilized 160 years later, calls for a purge of the Arizona Supreme Court. They are, clearly, a bunch of corrupt, “bought” monsters, allowing religious extremists and right wing whackos that want to bring America back to the 19th century, to dictate the lives of American women!

Arizona joins Alabama and Florida in promoting extremism and authoritarianism, in line with the Fascism of Donald Trump and the horrendous Republican Party cult in Congress and the states!

Everyone with a brain and compassion needs to get out there and campaign for everyone they know to vote, and to make sure they meet their own citizen’s commitment to throw the “rascals” out, and insure that Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans never egain get near political power!

Donald Trump, White Christian Nationalism, And The Threat To America

Donald Trump spent Easter posting 77 times on Truth Social, in the most violent, vile, and obscene manner, including threatening President Joe Biden’s life.

A person who is totally the antithesis of “religious” is selling Trump “Bibles” to the gullible and clueless masses who consider themselves white Christian nationalists.

The fact that Trump and his white Christian Nationalist following have connections to antisemitism, racism, nativism, and misogyny, all of which defy the teachings of Jesus Christ, seems not to matter to them.

The promotion of violence and bloodshed portends trouble ahead as the nation lurches toward the Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024, now just seven months away.

And then the two months until the formal counting of the Electoral College votes in a joint session of Congress on January 6, 2025, is likely to be very contentious, as it was in 2021!