“Abortion Desert”

The South “The Abortion Desert”, Denial Of Basic Human Rights Of Women!

Just as the American South was the slavery promoters who provoked the Civil War in the 19th century, so now the American South is the “Abortion Desert”, taking away the basic human rights of women, as before with African Americans.

With Florida yesterday putting into effect a strict abortion ban, a woman who lives in the “Sunshine State” must travel to New Mexico, Kansas, Illinois, or Virginia as the closest locations to obtain an abortion, even if in medical distress that could end her life. This affects, in theory, about 4 million women of child bearing age in Florida.

A total of 17 states now completely ban abortion, including the entire South, except Virginia, and with some restrictions in North Carolina.

This is a “new slavery”, putting women “in their place”, under the control of religious extremists and misogynists! Vice President Kamala Harris went to Florida yesterday to denounce the new restrictions on women’s rights to control their own bodies.

The issue of abortion will be on the ballot in many states, including Florida, in the November elections, and it is urgent that this be perceived as THE ISSUE extremely important in the upcoming Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024.