Vice President Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Would Be Favored, If Joe Biden Decided To Withdraw: So What?

If Joe Biden were to decide to withdraw as a candidate, after the disastrous CNN Presidential debate five days ago, it is clear that Vice President Kamala Harris would be favored to be the Democratic Presidential nominee against Donald Trump.

So what is this author’s and blogger’s response, as Harris is perfectly capable of being President, and arguably more so than a number of recent Vice Presidents or Vice Presidential candidates.

Would any rational observer say that Spiro Agnew, Dan Quayle, or Mike Pence were better qualified, or that Dick Cheney, with his authoritarian qualities, would have been a preferable choice? And what about Sarah Palin, who was a potential threat to be Vice President?

Most of the opposition from the right wing about Harris is based on her gender and race, as she proved to be perfectly qualified as San Francisco District Attorney, California Attorney General, and California US Senator.

While there would be those who would prefer alternatives, Harris is a hearbeat away from the Presidency already for three and a half years, and is perfectly capable of being President, and doing a good job of upholding the Constitution, American democracy, and the rule of law, and certainly far better than Fascist authoritarian Donald Trump!

Harris would unify African American women, racial minorities in general, and white progressives and moderates who would see Donald Trump as “a clear and present danger”. She would perform very well against Trump in a debate format, as well.

Her Vice Presidential running mate could be Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, who has proved he could win a “Red” State more than once; or Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, leader of a crucial “swing state”.

Time For Reality: Joe Biden MUST Step Aside, And “Swing State” Governors Are Best Combination To Stop Trump! :(

This author and blogger is shell shocked from the disastrous performance of Joe Biden last evening in his debate with Donald Trump.

Biden was clearly not well physically, having a cold and a raspy voice, but also, mentally, not “with it”, and sadly, as much as I have “loved” Biden and have been proud of him and his record, it is time for him to announce that he will not run for President.

However, the best alternative is NOT a Californian, such as Vice President Kamala Harris or California Governor Gavin Newsom, but rather two young “swing state” Governors!

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro (age 51) and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (age 53) is a perfect combination that can rally all Democratic groups of voters, and attract independents and sane Republicans who do not want Donald Trump back in the White House!

Much more analysis and discussion will occur, but the Democratic National Convention should unite around Shapiro and Whitmer as the best combination to defeat Donald Trump and his authoritarian Fascist threat to American democracy and rule of law!

Potential VP Picks For Trump Contrast With Kamala Harris

There has been relentless criticism over the years of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Critics have said she is not bright, that she laughs too much, and that she is difficult to work with.

What it comes down to, however, is that she is a mixed race woman of India and Jamaica ancestry.

Harris has had great experience as District Attorney of San Francisco, California Attorney General, California US Senator, and now the 49th Vice President.

If suddenly called upon to assume the Oval Office, she would be far better qualified by experience and accomplishments than many of her predecessors.

When one examines the potential VP choices of Donald Trump, none match her experience, intelligence, and concern for average Americans.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik of New York is a lightweight sycophant, abandoning her once moderate views.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott lost all respect when he said he “loved” Trump, while Florida Congressman Byron Donalds has made a fool of himself, in trying to justify “Jim Crow” racism. Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is an embarrassment to be on the list at all.

Ohio Senator JD Vance, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton are among the worst MAGA Republicans in the Senate.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, mostly unknown nationally but very wealthy, is also on the list.

This list makes former Vice President Mike Pence look great, but unlike Pence, they are all willing to bend to every whim and fancy of Donald Trump.

Vice Presidential Contenders Make Themselves Subservient To Donald Trump

The Vice Presidential “sweepstakes” for those who want to be Donald Trump’s running mate is a total disgrace.

Instead of credentials mattering, and the idea of whether someone is qualified to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, instead we are having ill-qualified people who are making themselves look subservient.

So Kristi Noem brags about killing her puppy.

Tim Scott refuses to say if he will accept the results in November no matter what happens.

Doug Burgum also seems willing to allow his great fortune to be exploited by Donald Trump, who is running way behind in fundraising to Joe Biden.

Elise Stefanik sold her soul long ago to Donald Trump, making clear her ambition to reach a level she is not qualified for.

Vivek Ramaswamy specializes in being totally obnoxious and obsequious to the extreme.

Marco Rubio and JD Vance are unprincipled phonies who are flattered by Trump considering them.

And then, there is former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, who embraced Syria’s dictator, and has changed her political views so radically from what they were, that one wonders about her mental stability. She seems ready to sell herself to the highest bidder, so to speak, as she flirted with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. before he passed her over.

What a horrible, unqualified bunch, when compared to Vice President Kamala Harris, who may laugh too much, but what is so wrong with that? She also is super qualified when compared to this bunch of characters!

Better than the nasty, grievance laden attitude of Trump and his minions!

The South “The Abortion Desert”, Denial Of Basic Human Rights Of Women!

Just as the American South was the slavery promoters who provoked the Civil War in the 19th century, so now the American South is the “Abortion Desert”, taking away the basic human rights of women, as before with African Americans.

With Florida yesterday putting into effect a strict abortion ban, a woman who lives in the “Sunshine State” must travel to New Mexico, Kansas, Illinois, or Virginia as the closest locations to obtain an abortion, even if in medical distress that could end her life. This affects, in theory, about 4 million women of child bearing age in Florida.

A total of 17 states now completely ban abortion, including the entire South, except Virginia, and with some restrictions in North Carolina.

This is a “new slavery”, putting women “in their place”, under the control of religious extremists and misogynists! Vice President Kamala Harris went to Florida yesterday to denounce the new restrictions on women’s rights to control their own bodies.

The issue of abortion will be on the ballot in many states, including Florida, in the November elections, and it is urgent that this be perceived as THE ISSUE extremely important in the upcoming Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024.

Donald Trump Already Setting Up Another January 6 Crisis As He Claims The Presidential Election Will Be Fraudulent!

With seven and a half months to go, already Donald Trump is setting up another January 6 Crisis, as he claims the Presidential Election of 2024 results will be fraudulent, that the election will be “rigged” against him!

His reckless and demagogic behavior makes his statement about “bloodshed” a warning sign of troubles ahead.

Even if a small percentage of his loyal MAGA followers decide action must be taken, it insures violence and dangers to the stability of American government.

Trump has “true believers” who would be willing to provoke uprisings and violence, much like those who did so on January 6, 2021, putting Vice President Kamala Harris into the crossfire of personal danger and great responsibility in counting the Electoral College vote on January 6, 2025.

The Vice Presidential Sweepstakes For Donald Trump And RFK Jr—No Match For Kamala Harris!

The Vice Presidency is a heartbeat away from the Presidency, and is not to be taken lightly!

But it seems very certain that both Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. are going to make a mockery of the office, only making it very clear how well qualified Kamala Harris is to take the Presidency, if the necessity arrives!

Supposedly, Trump’s VP list includes in no special order:

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Congresswoman from Georgia
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, former Press Secretary to Donald Trump, and Arkansas Governor
KellyAnne Conway, former counselor to Donald Trump
Tulsi Gabbard, former Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii and Presidential candidate in 2020
Kristi Noem, South Dakota Governor
Byron Donalds, Florida Congressman
Vivek Ramaswamy, 2024 Republican Presidential contender and entrepreneur
Tim Scott, Senator from South Carolina

Supposedly, RFK Jr’s list includes in no special order:

Aaron Rodgers, pro football quarterback for NY Jets
Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota Governor and retired professional Wrestler
Tulsi Gabbard, former Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii and Presidential candidate in 2020
Rand Paul, Republican Senator from Kentucky
Andrew Yang, former Democratic Presidential contender
Tony Robbins, motivational speaker
Mike Rowe, television host and narrator

What a horrendous group all of these “contenders” are, with Tim Scott and Jesse Ventura being the “best” of a bad group of both, and neither matching Kamala Harris in quality and experience!

Crucial Senate Battles In November

Thirty three Senate seats will be up in November, with Democrats having to defend 23 seats and Republicans only 10 seats, so a major struggle for Democrats to keep control of the Senate, which right now is divided 51-49 with three Independents helping the Democrats keep the majority.

The major battles to take Republican seats will be in Texas (Ted Cruz); Florida (Rick Scott); and Missouri (Josh Hawley).

The most dangerous Democratic seats are Arizona, Maryland, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

It would seem certain that West Virginia, with the retirement of Joe Manchin, will go to the Republicans, and Maryland, normally a strong blue state, has the problem of popular former Governor Larry Hogan running for the Senate, which makes it seem likely that the state will flip to the Republicans.

Ohio with Sherrod Brown, and Montanea, with Jon Tester, are also in danger, while Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin more likely to remain Democratic.

So assuming West Virginia and Maryland go Republican, that would mean a 51-49 Republican controlled Senate, unless the Democrats can win at least one seat from the three Republicans who are contestable–Texas, Florida, and Missouri.

And this is assuming Joe Biden wins a second term, and Kamala Harris is there to break a possible 50-50 tie in the Senate.

The 6th Date Of Four Months: The Story Of The Presidential Election Of 2024

It is ironic that the 6th day of four months sets up the Presidential Election of 2024.

January 6, 2021–the US Capitol Insurrection led by and incited by Donald Trump, which has led to four indictments and 91 counts, in process in a court system which has faced constant delays, but eventually will lead to justice.

March 6, 2024–three years and two months since the Insurrection, and the election is set between Donald Trump and Joe Biden after the Super Tuesday primaries.

November 6, 2024–the day after the Presidential Election of 2024, exactly eight months, and the decision as to whether democracy survives or autocracy destroys the Constitution and rule of law

January 6, 2025–the counting of the Electoral Votes in a joint session of Congress, exactly two months after the election, led by Vice President Kamala Harris, in the same position and responsibility that Mike Pence faced on this date in 2021.

No Point To Presidential Or Vice Presidential Debates In 2024!

The first Presidential debates occurred in 1960, when John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon had four debates.

After that, there were no debates in 1964 (refusal of Lyndon B. Johnson); 1968 and 1972 (refusal of Richard Nixon), but when Gerald Ford was running for a full term after replacing Nixon due to his resignation in the Watergate Scandal, he agreed to debates with Jimmy Carter, and Vice Presidential debates also resumed.

Both have occurred ever since, but the quality and usefulness of debates have deteriorated, and Donald Trump did great damage to the debate concept in 2016 and 2020.

So this author and blogger feels there is no point to having debates between Trump and Joe Biden, as all they would lead to is constant interruptions and insults by Trump.

And whoever Trump chooses as his Vice Presidential running mate, clearly will be someone out to insult and ridicule Vice President Kamala Harris, so not wise for such a debate to occur.