The 6th Date Of Four Months: The Story Of The Presidential Election Of 2024

It is ironic that the 6th day of four months sets up the Presidential Election of 2024.

January 6, 2021–the US Capitol Insurrection led by and incited by Donald Trump, which has led to four indictments and 91 counts, in process in a court system which has faced constant delays, but eventually will lead to justice.

March 6, 2024–three years and two months since the Insurrection, and the election is set between Donald Trump and Joe Biden after the Super Tuesday primaries.

November 6, 2024–the day after the Presidential Election of 2024, exactly eight months, and the decision as to whether democracy survives or autocracy destroys the Constitution and rule of law

January 6, 2025–the counting of the Electoral Votes in a joint session of Congress, exactly two months after the election, led by Vice President Kamala Harris, in the same position and responsibility that Mike Pence faced on this date in 2021.

19 comments on “The 6th Date Of Four Months: The Story Of The Presidential Election Of 2024

  1. Princess Leia March 7, 2024 9:29 pm

    Biden’s State of the Union speech is on now. Majorie Taylor Green is wearing a stupid MAGA hat.

  2. Rustbelt Democrat March 7, 2024 9:34 pm

    Pragmatic and I are watching his speech as well. Democrats are clapping, cheering. Republicans are sitting in their chairs like knots on a log.

  3. Former Republican March 7, 2024 10:03 pm

    Biden’s on fire tonight! He’s absolutely killing it!

  4. Princess Leia March 7, 2024 10:05 pm

    Absolutely agreed! The speaker has that look on his face that says we Republicans are f–ed!

  5. Pragmatic Progressive March 7, 2024 10:09 pm

    Yep. Biden is hard-hitting and not mincing his words on the most the critical issues of this decade. And taking Republicans head on.

  6. Rational Lefty March 7, 2024 10:12 pm

    I hear that George Santos showed up. Shouldn’t he be in jail?

  7. Southern Liberal March 7, 2024 10:21 pm

    Where’s this person who so-called voters keep claiming that he’s too old in polls? He sounds strong and vigorous to me, and sharp as a tack!

  8. Princess Leia March 7, 2024 10:34 pm

    Good response from Biden about the war in Gaza. Acknowledged protecting innocent lives, both Israelis and Palestinians, and affirmed support for an immediate ceasefire and a two-state solution.

  9. Pragmatic Progressive March 7, 2024 10:35 pm

    And he said we’ll be building a pier so we can get aid in via ship!

  10. Princess Leia March 7, 2024 11:38 pm

    I see Boebert hangs around with Gaetz. No she’s gets in trouble so much.

  11. Rational Lefty March 7, 2024 11:41 pm

    That lady the Republicans chose for the rebuttal was so very fakey.

  12. Princess Leia March 8, 2024 8:33 am

    Republicans in Fantasy Land must have watched a different speech. They claim that Fantasy Land Biden was old and doddering.

  13. Rustbelt Democrat March 8, 2024 8:35 am

    Well, King Donald ain’t no Spring chicken!

  14. Rational Lefty March 8, 2024 8:44 am

    In a CNN poll, more than 6 in 10 Americans who watched had a positive reaction to the speech.

  15. Rational Lefty March 8, 2024 8:54 am

    Trump’s Truth Social website was experiencing outages after he told his supporters to tune into the platform for his play by play analysis. His postings were delayed.

  16. Rational Lefty March 8, 2024 8:59 am

    The Biden campaign had its best online fundraising hours after the speech.

  17. Pragmatic Progressive March 8, 2024 9:02 am

    George Santos is running for Congress again.

  18. Princess Leia March 8, 2024 9:08 am

    You show who you are by the company you keep. Trump had Hungarian dictator Viktor Orban visiting at Mar-a-Lago yesterday.

  19. Rustbelt Democrat March 8, 2024 1:25 pm

    Biden had a hot mic moment. He was caught telling Michael Bennett, “Bibi and I are going to have a come to Jesus meeting.”

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