Day: March 17, 2024

Donald Trump Says Bloodbath Will Follow If He Is Not Elected President!

Donald Trump, in an Ohio rally, has said that a “bloodbath” will follow if he is not elected President in November!

Think about that! Trump is calling for violence, which should disqualify him from running for the leadership of American democracy!

And yet, Republican officeholders will sit by and say nothing, and go along with Trump’s insane rants and threats!

And Trump also said immigrants are “not people”, totally dehumanizing people who just want the opportunity for a better life, and defying the history of America being a land of immigrants!

Trump also speaks about “freeing” the terrorists who stormed the US Capitol on January 6, calling them “hostages” and “prisoners” who should be seen as “heroes”!

This nativism and promotion of open bloodshed and violence should disqualify Trump from being able to be on the ballot, but it will be up to the American people in their voting eight months from now to face the threat, and be strong, and repudiate Trump, and move forward on sending him to federal prison!