Day: March 18, 2024

Democracy Will Survive: Russian Protests Against Putin Will Also Occur Against Trump!

In midst of great concern and worries about the survival of democracy worldwide, we have seen Russian protests against Vladimir Putin’s reelection campaign, despite the reality that many of the protesters will face retribution from the Russian Federation government.

These protesters will sacrifice for the future of the concept of democracy, and this will also occur in America’s national election, as it is unfathomable that America will allow the autocratic, twice impeached, four times indicted Donald Trump to become President again, and destroy American democracy and the international order!

There may be doubts about President Joe Biden, but it would be total insanity for America to elect the man who incited the US Capitol Insurrection to control of the government, knowing he has said he will be a dictator on Day One, and that there will be a bloodbath if he is not elected!

Instead, there will be the need to arrest and incarcerate Donald Trump for promoting violent revolution and destruction of the American Republic, and for the intelligence and military forces to pursue all those who engage in violence and bloodshed!