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Dean Phillips Challenge To Joe Biden For Nought!

Dean Phillips is a 4th term Democratic Congressman from the Minneapolis-St Paul area of Minnesota, with a one hundred percent support of President Joe Biden, but is challenging him for renomination in a quixotic manner as he feels Biden’s age is an issue, and that Democrats should have an alternative.

Phillips was the promoter of the product of Talenti Gelato, which he later sold, and is the grandson of Dear Abby, Pauline Phillips, who wrote her advice column under the name Abigail Van Buren.

Many observers think Phillips is trying to make a name for himself for a future Presidential run in 2028, and that could well be reality, but despite fears and doubts about Joe Biden and his age, for now, he is in a commanding position, and the heir apparent, if things go awry, is Vice President Kamala Harris.

Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips Considering Challenge Of Joe Biden!

Minnesota Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips, a moderate centrist Democrat, is considering a challenge of President Biden for the Democratic Presidential nomination, as long a shot as that is.

Phillips is the representative of the western suburbs of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St Paul, and has voted with the President on almost every issue, but is seen as the 27th most bipartisan House member, and is a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, made up of members of both parties who promote bipartisanship; and also a member of the New Democrat Coalition, a group of liberal and moderate Democrats who promote centrist views.

Phillips has some distinctions of interest, including that his paternal grandmother was “Dear Abby”–Abigail Van Buren, real name Pauline Phillips.

Also, Phillips owned Talenti Gelato until he sold the company, and he is one of the wealthiest members of Congress.

Also, Phillips happens to be Jewish, and his birthday is January 20, which means were he to be elected President at any time, he would be inaugurated on his birthday, and would be 56 on January 20, 2025.

Age 55 and 105 days is the average age of all Presidents if all their ages upon inauguration are compiled, and averaged out, and is considered the “ideal” age for any President!

However, the reaction among Democrats is that the thought of Phillips challenging Biden and being able to win the White House is that it is a fantasy, although less so than the looney Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is backed by Trump supporters to cause trouble for Biden!