College And University Campuses

Alarming Antisemitism Emerges On Many College And University Campuses

The rise of antisemitism on so many college and university campuses, as well as in American society in general, is alarming.

One can believe that the lives of Palestinians matter, as much as Israelis, but the war between Israel and Hamas is causing a tremendous overreaction by some students and faculty members, and is causing danger and questions of personal safety and security for many American Jews.

The issue of antisemitism has always been a problem with white supremacist groups, but now it is rearing its ugly head in other communities. A small educated group of intellectuals and students have no concern about the reality of Jews in world history, and seem unaware or unconcerned about the Nazi Holocaust that slaughtered six million Jews under Adolf Hitler in World War II.

To deny Israel has a right to exist is as horrible as to say that Palestinians have no similar rights to peace, tranquility, and acceptance!

The Biden Administration is working on coming up with support for the Jewish community, both on college campuses, and in society in general.

Widespread Antisemitism And Islamophobia Deeply Alarming!

The attack of Hamas on Israel on October 7 has unleashed widespread antisemitism and Islamophoba worldwide, including in America, and even more troubling, on college and university campuses.

Anyone in America who is Jewish or Muslim has to be on heightened alert, as threats and attacks on people of those beliefs are occurring.

Unfortunately, some politicians of both parties are promoting hatred, and synagogues, mosques, and other religious institutions of both faiths are requiring increased security protections.

Social Media are adding to the threat, as there is promotion of hate and fear, inciting unstable people and pure bigots who are striking out against both groups!