Bigotry And Hatred

Joe Biden Takes The Right Stand On Campus Unrest

One can be very proud of Joe Biden, as he has taken the right stand on campus unrest throughout the nation.

As he stated, there is the right of demonstration and freedom of assembly, but NOT to cause destruction or occupation by anyone or to promote persecution, discrimination, and hatred of any kind.

Biden will have problems with both the Jewish community and the Muslim community, since he is treading a very delicate balance on the Israel-Hamas War, wanting a ceasefire, release of hostages, and to prevent, if possible, any further bloodshed.

For any reasonable person to think Donald Trump is better situated to deal with the crisis requires a sense of delusion and naivete!

Widespread Antisemitism And Islamophobia Deeply Alarming!

The attack of Hamas on Israel on October 7 has unleashed widespread antisemitism and Islamophoba worldwide, including in America, and even more troubling, on college and university campuses.

Anyone in America who is Jewish or Muslim has to be on heightened alert, as threats and attacks on people of those beliefs are occurring.

Unfortunately, some politicians of both parties are promoting hatred, and synagogues, mosques, and other religious institutions of both faiths are requiring increased security protections.

Social Media are adding to the threat, as there is promotion of hate and fear, inciting unstable people and pure bigots who are striking out against both groups!

Republicans Using “Grooming” Accusations And Anti Trans And Anti Gay Attacks Against Democrats!

The Republican Party in the age of Donald Trump is lowering its reputation and image constantly, including demonstrating willingness to exploit fears of parents that, somehow, Democrats and liberals are exploiting their children, grooming them to become involved in illicit sexual activities!

This began as part of the QAnon conspiracy theories, but has been escalated to an extremely dangerous extent that threatens the well being of children, in the name of so called “Christian” morality, which is certainly not reality!

This has led to such legislation as the so called “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida, and also constant assault on the rights and freedoms of gays and lesbians, and also transgenders, in numerous other Republican states.

This includes interfering with parental rights to deal with children that do not fit the mold of what some people consider “normal”, and allow them to be accepted and appreciated in society!

Republicans have no scruples, ethics, or morals, as they will do anything to gain and keep power, including working to limit the right to vote!

This is not an issue of disagreement, but rather of gross misbehavior and promotion of hatred, and Democrats must not back off from fighting against such bigotry and hatred!