Day: May 13, 2024

Donald Trump Deteriorating Before Our Eyes, Major Danger To Nation And World!

Donald Trump, in the midst of the stress caused by the criminal trial taking place in New York City, is making speeches at campaign rallies and in comments on Truth Social that clearly show rapid mental deterioration!

He was speaking in New Jersey over the weekend about fictional Hannibal Lecter, who ate his victims.

He has described migrants as animals, and has spewed forth open hatred and putrid language without any filter.

What is most disturbing is that his MAGA followers seem to rejoice in his rhetoric on racism and nativism, and his promotion of hate, and that is very disconcerting, as it indicates major psychological issues for millions of his loyalists.

This is the kind of mentality that allowed the democracy of Weimar Germany a century ago to lead to the mass murder, Holocaust and World War II incited by lunatic Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany!

This cannot be allowed to happen in the United States, as once democracy is lost, it would be extremely difficult to restore it!