Truth Social Website Of Donald Trump

Donald Trump, White Christian Nationalism, And The Threat To America

Donald Trump spent Easter posting 77 times on Truth Social, in the most violent, vile, and obscene manner, including threatening President Joe Biden’s life.

A person who is totally the antithesis of “religious” is selling Trump “Bibles” to the gullible and clueless masses who consider themselves white Christian nationalists.

The fact that Trump and his white Christian Nationalist following have connections to antisemitism, racism, nativism, and misogyny, all of which defy the teachings of Jesus Christ, seems not to matter to them.

The promotion of violence and bloodshed portends trouble ahead as the nation lurches toward the Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024, now just seven months away.

And then the two months until the formal counting of the Electoral College votes in a joint session of Congress on January 6, 2025, is likely to be very contentious, as it was in 2021!

Donald Trump Projection Continues To Escalate Out Of Control!

Donald Trump is, more than ever, escalating the use of “projection” in his rants on Truth Social and in his public oratory, exuding hate and division.

Anyone who is sane can see that Trump is acting in an insane manner, accusing Joe Biden and the prosecutors and judges in the upcoming trials of the worst possible crimes and abuses he asserts they have engaged in, when he is actually just transferring his own crimes and abuses onto them.

The thought that a man so mentally unbalanced would even be considered to have the power of the Presidency, including nuclear weapons, under his control is terrifying.

The idea that the Republican Party would allow themselves to become captive to this man who wants retribution for his crimes and abuses of power during his Presidency, and has made it perfectly clear that he wants to be a dictator on Day One, makes one shudder.

No matter what the shortcomings of President Joe Biden, he has done a lot of good, and is a stable man of empathy, compassion, and decency!

If the nation goes ahead and somehow gives the mentally unstable Donald Trump absolute power, the nation’s heritage will lie in tatters, with a greater crisis than any since the Civil War, and arguably even worse than that cataclysmic event!

The Mental Deterioration Of Donald Trump

Anyone who is normal can clearly see that Donald Trump is deteriorating mentally before America, everytime he writes on Truth Social, or gives a speech or an interview.

He is clearly delusional and paranoid, and continues to lie at a rate unmatched in American history by any American political leader.

He talks about Barack Obama as if he ran against him in 2016, and he says Joe Biden is about to take America into World War TWO, which occurred EIGHTY years ago, while he probably meant World War III!

Trump remains so self assured that he does not listen to or follow advice or counsel from his attorneys, and this will harm him in the upcoming trials he faces.

The thought that such a menace to civil order and common decency might be given the power to run again, and promise revenge on his “enemies” is horrifying, and further destroys the image of the Republican Party, which is clearly on its last legs, based on the craziness and lunacy not only of Donald Trump, but a large portion of the party leadership!