Public Oratory

Donald Trump Projection Continues To Escalate Out Of Control!

Donald Trump is, more than ever, escalating the use of “projection” in his rants on Truth Social and in his public oratory, exuding hate and division.

Anyone who is sane can see that Trump is acting in an insane manner, accusing Joe Biden and the prosecutors and judges in the upcoming trials of the worst possible crimes and abuses he asserts they have engaged in, when he is actually just transferring his own crimes and abuses onto them.

The thought that a man so mentally unbalanced would even be considered to have the power of the Presidency, including nuclear weapons, under his control is terrifying.

The idea that the Republican Party would allow themselves to become captive to this man who wants retribution for his crimes and abuses of power during his Presidency, and has made it perfectly clear that he wants to be a dictator on Day One, makes one shudder.

No matter what the shortcomings of President Joe Biden, he has done a lot of good, and is a stable man of empathy, compassion, and decency!

If the nation goes ahead and somehow gives the mentally unstable Donald Trump absolute power, the nation’s heritage will lie in tatters, with a greater crisis than any since the Civil War, and arguably even worse than that cataclysmic event!

Barack Obama And Kamala Harris Speeches Will Stand Out As Models In The Long Run Of American History!

When one feels despair at the horrific situation America is in during this crucial year of 2020, and when we look back in the future at this year, the Democratic National Convention speeches last night, on the third day of the convention, will stand out as among the greatest public oratory moments in the long run of American history!

Both the first African American President (Barack Obama), and the first African American and Indian American soon to be Vice President (Kamala Harris), demonstrated full command of the issues of this election for the nation in 2020, and for the long term survival of American democracy!

The fact that both Obama and Harris could rise to the pinnacle of power and leadership is testimonial to how far we have come in the journey for a “more perfect Union”, but also a reminder that there is is much work still to be accomplished!

The fight against Fascist authoritarianism and tyranny that Donald Trump and his ilk represent is the greatest crisis for the nation since 1940, when Franklin D. Roosevelt campaigned for a third term in office, in order to deal with the Fascist threat of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

This was a time when the misnamed “America First Committee” was out to avoid the need for the ultimate confrontation with totalitarianism to keep American democracy alive and thriving.

A third of the nation was willing to accept Fascism’s takeover, and even had a charismatic leader who praised Hitler, the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh. So FDR, despite the strain of eight years in the Presidency, felt committed to steer the nation to the proper course in a time of danger.

The same now falls upon Joe Biden, who has devoted a half century of his life to the advancement of American democracy, and he has been called upon to lead the nation in the fight against the threat of the modern hero of the extreme right, Donald Trump!

Just as FDR prevailed, Joe Biden, with Kamala Harris by his side, and with Barack and Michelle Obama backing him up, will succeed in dealing with the most serious set of crises, both domestic and foreign, since the time of FDR!