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More Details About The January 6 Attempted Coup At The US Capitol Revealed

The following 7 members of Congress conspired to promote a coup on January 6, 2021: (from Rolling Stone Magazine)

Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia
Lauren Boebert of Colorado
Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina
Paul Gosar of Arizona
Mo Brooks of Alabama
Andy Biggs of Arizona
Louie Gohmert of Texas

The following 10 individuals plotted strategy at the Willard Hotel, one block from the White House: (from Washington Post)

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, Jr.
Rudy Giuliani
Steve Bannon
Roger Stone
Michael Flynn
Alex Jones
John Eastman
Bernie Kerik
Boris Epshteyn

There are many others involved in the plot to overthrow the Presidential Election of 2020, and install Donald Trump as a dictator!

All of these characters and others not named here need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and imprisoned for long terms behind bars!

Obama Faces Strong Attacks From The Left, Because He Is Ultimately A Centrist!

President Obama has become accustomed to strong attacks from conservatives in the media and in government, but now he is facing virulent attacks from his base, the Left.

Matt Taibbi in the latest issue of Rolling Stone claims that Obama has sold out to Wall Street. By making Timothy Geithner Secretary of the Treasury and Larry Summers head of the National Economic Council, Obama has turned to Wall Street insiders who put us into the mess, declares Taibbi.

NY Times columnist Paul Krugman and Columbia University economist Joseph Stiglitz, both Nobel Prize winners in Economics, also are harshly critical of Obama for not having created massive jobs programs, worrying too much about Wall Street, and not enough about Main Street.

But beyond economics, there is strong criticism from the Left about the continuation of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the lack of progress on gay rights, the endless battle over health care reform which is moving very slowly, and the continuation of Guantanamo Naval Base as a detention center for suspected terrorists.

At the same time, centrist Democrats feel that Obama has accomplished more than any President in his first year since the era of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

My feeling is just that–that Obama has accomplished a lot with a full plate of issues, and that impatience is the problem, expecting too much too soon. Ultimately, the fact that Obama is being attacked from the Right and the Left indicates he is in the center, and doing a pretty good job, much like FDR experiences bitter attacks from both ends of the political spectrum.