Bryan Fischer

Right Wing Christian Zealots Back Donald Trump While Establishment Republicans Condemn Trump On Anti Muslim Stand!

The Republican Party is in a quandary as to how to deal with Fascist demagogue Donald Trump, who is still leading the polls and is gaining the backing of a plurality, if not a majority, of registered Republicans, in polls, on the issue of banning all Muslim immigration to the United States.

The fact that Trump is a clear cut racist, nativist, and Islamophobe does not perturb those Republicans being polled, and yet we have seen condemnation by all Republican candidates of Trump’s demagogic proposal, with the exception of Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum.  So we have seen Republican Congressional leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, along with many other leading Republicans, even including former Vice President Dick Cheney, take a stand opposing that displayed in the polls.

What we have seen is despicable characters such as: Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Franklin Graham, Alex Jones, Pam Geller, Bryan Fischer, Pat Robertson, Frank Gaffney, and David Duke endorse Trump on this issue, despite their shady image as advocates of civil liberties and civil rights long term.

So the Republican Party and the conservative movement are at a crossroads, as they are trying to evade the damage being done to their brand by Trump and his ilk, but there is no question that the Trump phenomenon, the promotion of a modern Fascism, will not come to power, despite the ignorance and narrow mindedness of a portion of the American people.

Instead, it looks as if the Republican Party is about to implode, as it desperately attempts to overcome Trump, and we can expect the possibility of a brokered convention next July, which would be the most tumultuous Republican convention since the Gerald Ford-Ronald Reagan battle in 1976, and the even more tumultuous Democratic convention of 1968!

Pope Francis Sets A Standard For Evangelical Right Wing Christians, But Will They Accept?

Pope Francis has been an amazing leader of the Catholic Church, after only eight months of his tenure.

He has opened up the Catholic Church to more acceptance of women’s role in the Church, and stopped the constant hatred of gays and lesbians.

He has embraced the poor, the disabled, and even the disfigured, in loving ways that promotes the true message of Jesus Christ, compassion, tolerance, and love for those less fortunate.

What are the odds that evangelical right wing Christians, many of whom hate the Catholic Church itself, will follow that lead and stop trashing those who are not part of the powerful elites, and stop demeaning women, and end the poisonous hatred of gays and lesbians?

An example of such a group is the American Family Association, headed by Tony Perkins, but there are many other such hateful organizations, who claim they are following the teachings of Jesus Christ, but are far from doing so! Bryan Fischer is one of the most hateful, divisive leaders of these extremist groups, which are a mockery of Christianity.

What are the odds that they will recognize the sufferings of the poor and the sick, and will not work to undermine the food stamp program, unemployment compensation, and ObamaCare, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security?

If one believes that these extremists are likely to become compassionate, tolerant, and open minded, as Pope Francis has demonstrated he is, then we are indeed in the land of delusion and fantasy!

No Matter What Supreme Court Decides On Gay Marriage, Republican Party Is On Wrong Side Of History!

The Supreme Court may decide to deal with the issue of gay marriage in a very narrow sense, rather than a broad sense, due to the possibility that Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito may influence Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy to join their side, as they do about 70 percent of the time.

But no matter what happens, the Republican Party will suffer, since the momentum of history is moving the nation toward acceptance of gay marriage, with young people having no problem accepting it, and senior citizens, a majority of whom oppose it, soon to be gone from the scene. And the Republican Party officeholders caving in to their conservative evangelical Christian base will marginalize them very soon.

It is interesting that Republicans NOT in office, more than 100 of them, have endorsed gay marriage, while only Ohio Senator Rob Portman has been willing, among Republican officeholders, to back the concept. So such hate mongers and extremists as Bryan Fischer, Gary Bauer, Ralph Reed, and Tony Perkins hold undue sway over the party, and the effect will be that the GOP will be unable to compete on an even basis for the Presidency and the Senate, although they may be able to hold on to the House of Representatives, due to gerrymandering which helps to set up rural districts that will continue to resist cultural change.

But again, in the long run of history, the Republican Party is painting itself into a corner, and burning their bridges behind them, as the population changes and social attitudes become more tolerant.

Bryan Fischer Of The American Family Association Suggests “Underground Railroad” To Kidnap Children Of Gay Parents!

Bryan Fischer of the extremist American Family Association has outraged any reasonable person by his public advocacy that children of gay parents be abducted, kidnapped, in order to “save” them from the “lifestyle” of their parents!

This is further proof of just how extreme, radical, and dangerous this organization is, with its title being extremely misleading, as they are actually promoting lawlessness, violence, and terrorism, as they declare “war” on gay and lesbian parents!

There is absolutely no evidence that gay parents are unfit for being parents, and much evidence that many straight parents are horrible parents, particularly when some of them abuse their own children, and reject their children if they turn out to be gay!

This is the true sin of a supposedly “religious” group that promotes breaking up families, with many children adopted by gay parents who would not easily be adopted by straight parents, and are just as loving and supportive, if not more so, than straight parents often are!

Bryan Fischer and his disgraceful organization is on the brink of facing possible prosecution if any evidence develops that shows what Fischer advocates is done, rather than simply stated!

If this ever occurs, the man needs to be locked up for the rest of his life as a domestic terrorist and hatemonger!

Mitt Romney: The “Would Be President” Without “Cajones”!

Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney is proving yet again that he is a flawed candidate in the most basic ways.

Not only has he demonstrated that he has no principles, no beliefs, that he will not change if it is a way to gain votes!

Not only is he showing a lack of concern for the lives of average middle class and poor Americans, who are facing the absolutely worst times economically in the lifetime of ninety percent of our citizens, with only the oldest among us having any memory of the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Not only is it clear that other Republicans look at Romney with a lack of respect and deference that one would expect for a Presidential nominee, as demonstrated by the shabby treatment of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum in their grudging, unemotional support of his candidacy.

But beyond all this, Mitt Romney has made it clear he lacks the most important trait of any leader who wishes to be our President: CAJONES!

This man worries about talk show hosts, “hoodlums” such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other talk show hosts on radio and Fox News Channel, including right wing Christian hate monger Bryan Fischer, who describes himself as a “country yokel”, which is too nice a term for this BUM!

Fischer is bragging that he brought pressure on Romney to dump a gay foreign policy aide, and said that if Romney caves in to him, as he has, then how can one assume that Romney could stand up to China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and other nations that are potential threats to our nation?

As despicable as Fischer is, his gloating points out the problem and the truth!

Beyond what Fischer said, how can one believe that Romney could stand up to the Tea Party radicals in Congress, to the leadership of his own party, to the opposition party leaders, to “friendly” nations in Europe and Asia and Latin America, to the news media, to corporate leaders, and every other challenge that any President faces, and that Barack Obama can very easily testify to?

This man lacks “Cajones” in a very blunt way, and is unfit to be President of the United States of America!

The Anti Gay Republican Party And Its Religious Allies: A Disgrace To American Values!

The Republican Party is making clear that it has an anti gay agenda, with very few Republicans willing to condemn the hate and prejudice that is being espoused by religious Right pastors, and by social conservatives who are doing everything they can to undermine any possibility of fair treatment of gays and lesbians.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council have succeeded in forcing Mitt Romney to fire a gay adviser, and it seems clear that Romney will not stand up to these religious bigots.

Instead, elements of the Catholic Church, and evangelical Christians are acting in a way that Jesus Christ would not approve. So we have Joel Osteen, who seemed inclusive when he first became noticed on the national scene from his mega church in Houston, who shows no open mindedness at all toward gays, disillusioning many who thought he had a more tolerant approach; and we have Pastor Sean Harris of The Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina, who went on a rant against gays in a sermon last week, and advocated violence against any boy who showed a “limp wrist”, or any girl who acted “butch”. What was even more shocking is how his congregation laughed when he spoke of smacking children, and many seemed to agree with his hateful tirade. Harris apologized, but he lied about what he had said, which was taped. What kind of a religious leader can lie openly and be believed?

Christianity in America is being poisoned and polluted by people who claim to be “good Christians”, but have no problem in advocating violence, hate, prejudice, discrimination, ostracism, and more!

The Republican Party should be ashamed for allowing itself to become captive of these hateful peddlers of a faith that some of them even wish to deny that Jesus was Jewish. Anti semitism, anti black, anti gay, anti immigrant,and anti women views have become common among many elements of Christianity, thankfully not all, but much more prevalent than many want to admit!

Mitt Romney, showing no guts or courage, needs to be walloped on Election Day, or else the dangers of militant, extremist Christianity spreading to national policy are increased, and his party needs to get the message of defeat as well in Congress, that the good people in America are not going to allow their despicable agenda to be advanced, and instead to be clearly repudiated!