“Underground Railroad”

Bryan Fischer Of The American Family Association Suggests “Underground Railroad” To Kidnap Children Of Gay Parents!

Bryan Fischer of the extremist American Family Association has outraged any reasonable person by his public advocacy that children of gay parents be abducted, kidnapped, in order to “save” them from the “lifestyle” of their parents!

This is further proof of just how extreme, radical, and dangerous this organization is, with its title being extremely misleading, as they are actually promoting lawlessness, violence, and terrorism, as they declare “war” on gay and lesbian parents!

There is absolutely no evidence that gay parents are unfit for being parents, and much evidence that many straight parents are horrible parents, particularly when some of them abuse their own children, and reject their children if they turn out to be gay!

This is the true sin of a supposedly “religious” group that promotes breaking up families, with many children adopted by gay parents who would not easily be adopted by straight parents, and are just as loving and supportive, if not more so, than straight parents often are!

Bryan Fischer and his disgraceful organization is on the brink of facing possible prosecution if any evidence develops that shows what Fischer advocates is done, rather than simply stated!

If this ever occurs, the man needs to be locked up for the rest of his life as a domestic terrorist and hatemonger!