Day: November 9, 2012

The Ultimate Smack To Mitt Romney: Loss Of Four Of His Five States He Identifies With!

Mitt Romney received the ultimate humiliation on Election Day 2012!

He lost his home state of Michigan, where his father was Governor, by a landslide!

He lost his adopted state of Massachusetts, where he served one term as Governor, by a double landslide!

He lost his other New England home, New Hampshire, by a clear cut margin!

He lost the state where he is building a mansion with a car elevator, California, by a double landslide!

He managed to win Utah, the Mormon state, connected to his leadership in the Church, but overall, fewer Mormons voted for him this year, than for George W. Bush in 2008!

What it comes down to is that Mitt Romney is not well liked, and it is his own fault, due to his arrogance, his lying, his sense of entitlement!

So, Mitt Romney is disappearing fast, and no one really cares! He will be a bad memory in the future!

Why Do So Many Ridicule A Person, Such As Barack Obama, Who Becomes A Community Organizer?

One of the most frustrating comments this author has heard over and over again from people who worship money and the corporate world, is that Barack Obama was a “community organizer”, said in a derisive manner!

Why is this so?

Why is it that enriching oneself in equity capital, being a “vulture capitalist,” as Mitt Romney has been, even stated so by his own Republican opponents in the primaries, is so honored, while someone, who wishes to help the poor, the disadvantaged, the people in the ghettos who have difficult lives, is ridiculed? Is it because there is the image that only minorities, not white people, are poor, which is far from the truth!

Why is our moral and ethical standard based on being wealthy, even if one exploits workers, shuts down businesses, acts in a privileged way, has no regard for people who one hurts, and sees things only in dollars and cents?

Being a “community organizer”, or being in the Peace Corps, or being a teacher, a nurse, a social worker, is a great experience of caring about others, helping others, doing (without being religious), God’s work on earth!

We are supposed to be “our brother’s keeper”, not our “brother’s exploiter” for personal gain!

“The Progressive Professor”: Accurate Projections On Presidential Electoral Vote!

This author is proud to announce that he was 100 percent accurate in his projection on the Electoral College battle for the Presidency!

The prediction was that Barack Obama would win 332 electoral votes to 206 for Mitt Romney, with Obama winning eight of the nine “swing” or “battleground” states, all but North Carolina, and that was, precisely, what happened! Florida was the last state, finally, to finish its vote count and confirm that the Sunshine State was won by Obama.

Also, the Senate prediction was for 54 Democrats and Independents, and the final total is, instead, one more–a total of 55.

And the prediction for the House of Representatives was for a 15 seat gain for the Democrats, but it seems to be only seven for sure, and possibly up to eleven seats, ultimately!

Let’s just say that this author is quite happy in the results, and proud of his predictions being so much on target!

1912–Triumph Of Progressivism! 2012–Triumph Of Progressivism!

A century apart, America veered to the left, and we had a triumph of progressivism both in 1912 and 2012!

In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Eugene Debs, and even, to some extent, William Howard Taft, promoted an agenda that would set the standard for the future New Deal and Great Society and ObamaCare.

Now, in 2012, we have institutionalized the New Deal, Great Society, and ObamaCare for the future; and we have seen more women elected to the House and Senate than ever before; we have seen openly gay candidates win in the Senate and House and in local races; we have seen the first Buddhist Senator and Hindu House member from Hawaii elected; we have seen labor help elect a whole group of progressive Democratic Senators across the nation; we have seen Hispanics and Latinos play a major role in politics; we have seen a more progressive House and Senate emerge; we have seen Barack Obama given political capital to bring about greater change in his second term; we have seen the Supreme Court preserved as a balanced body for the long term; we have seen the progressive vision of TR, Wilson, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, even Nixon and Ford, Carter, and Clinton preserved and enhanced; and we have seen a repudiation of an interventionist foreign policy , as under the neoconservative influence during the Presidency of George W. Bush.

America is moving forward into the 21st century, just as in 1912, we moved forward into the 20th century. We have repudiated, in 1912 and 2012, returning to the 19th century!

If Only: Jimmy Carter Had Been President For Second Term! How Would America Be Different?

As we celebrate Barack Obama’s second term victory, and as we thank Bill Clinton for his super efforts for Obama, crucial to Obama’s victory, we can have a wistful moment and wonder:

How would America be different if Jimmy Carter had won a second term as President in 1980?

Ronald Reagan would never have been President, just be seen as a mediocre, second rate actor on Death Valley Days and the General Electric Theater on television, and a few good movies in Hollywood, and a mixed record as two term Governor of California. We would not have him being seen as an icon, a god like figure, totally misrepresented by those who adore him!

We would not have George H. W. Bush as Vice President for eight years, and then be the successor in office after Reagan left.

We would not have had George W. Bush as President, and we would not be speculating about Jeb Bush as possibly a candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election.

We would have had a much more responsive, sympathetic reaction to the rise of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s, and would have saved many lives in the process.

We would not have had a tripling of the national debt, as Carter was very tight fiscally, and added very little to the national debt.

We would have had a President who would have continued his great environmental work into a second term.

We would not have allowed the rich to get richer, and the poor to get poorer, and the maldistribution of wealth to accelerate, and then again occur again under George W. Bush.

We would not have seen the decline of labor unions, caused by Ronald Reagan being our President.

We would have had Vice President Walter Mondale having a much better opportunity to be our President in 1984, a continuation of the tradition and principles of Hubert Humphrey and Minnesota progressivism.

The Iran hostage seizure crisis would have been resolved sooner with Carter having defeated Reagan in November 1980.

The early 1980s would have seen further promotion of human rights, a policy backtracked by Ronald Reagan.

There would have been no friendship with Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and no backing of the South African Apartheid regime.

These are just 12 ways life would have been different if Jimmy Carter had been reelected in 1980. And Carter would not have been constantly attacked and ridiculed as a failed President if he had served a second term.

Oh well……

The Second Term Presidency: A Burden For Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, George W. Bush! What Will It Be For Obama?

In the midst of all the euphoria over the second term victory of Barack Obama, many observers are sobered by the history of recent second term Presidents.

Richard Nixon, after victory in 1972, faced impeachment in the Watergate Scandal, and resigned in 1974.

Ronald Reagan, after victory in 1984, faced the Iran Contra scandal, and indications that he was mentally lacking in alertness.

Bill Clinton, after victory in 1996, faced the Paula Jones-Monica Lewinsky scandal, and was impeached by the House of Representatives.

George W. Bush, after victory in 2004, had major disasters with Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and the stock market and economic collapse (The Great Recession) in the Fall of 2008.

Can Barack Obama avoid tragedy and disaster, and go on to have an outstanding second term, with the reality of being a “lame duck” President?

Stay tuned!

Who Was The “Racial” Candidate? Obama Or Romney?

Conservative pundits and many whites who voted for Mitt Romney last Tuesday, in fear of the “black Socialist from Kenya”, love to say that Barack Obama is the “racial” candidate, elected because of those “damned” minorities, and that is the only reason, they say, that he won a second term.

That is a MASSIVE LIE, as actually Mitt Romney was, CLEARLY, the “racial candidate”!

“How can you say that?” is the retort.

Well, here are the FACTS, not myths!

Whites were about 72 percent of the voters, and Romney received about 88 percent of his votes from whites!

Barack Obama received 39 percent of the white votes, including from working class voters in the Midwest, who appreciated his saving the auto industry, which meant their jobs. They did not care that he was black, while many Republican voters were openly racist!

Now, the facts are that, of course, Obama could not have won without black, Hispanic-Latino, and Asian American voters! So what, as ideally, any candidate should win from a diverse coalition of voters?

So Obama won 93 percent of the black vote; 71 percent of the Hispanic-Latino vote; 73 percent of the Asian American vote; 60 percent of voters 18-29; 52 percent of voters 30-44; and 55 percent of the female vote; 56 percent of single men; 67 percent of single women; and 50 percent of college graduates. This is a diverse coalition, which is to be saluted!

But also realize that without the 39 percent white vote, Obama would not have won, as two thirds of 72 (the total white percentage of the national vote), is about 28 percent, and Obama won with 51 percent of the total vote, which means the “minorities” were about 23 percent, and whites 28 percent of that 51 percent.

So white support gave Obama his victory!