Day: November 14, 2012

Conservatives, Republicans, And Basic Knowledge: Science, Mathematics, History, Economics, Spelling And Grammar, World Diplomacy

Many Republicans and conservatives, whether in Congress, the news media, think tanks, or just ordinary citizens, have a real and fundamental problem with basic knowledge. It makes one wonder where they were when they were young, and supposedly being educated, and the indications that they have learned nothing new as adults.

Consider the field of Science, with many of the Republicans and conservatives believing in creationism, the BIble theory of creation, that claims the earth is maybe 10,000 years old at the most, and that dinosaurs walked with man, with a Creationist Museum open to the public in Kentucky, near the border with Cincinnati, Ohio. There is complete denial of Charles Darwin, to the point of total craziness.

Also, there is the failure of these people to accept that there is global warming and climate change, despite so much evidence that there is a problem, and refusal to plan for the future on the basis that we are facing a long range threat, with Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma being the political leader of the “deniers”.

But also, many Republicans and conservatives seem to have their own version of the process of pregnancy and what is a rape, as for instance, defeated Senate nominees Todd Akin and Richard Mouroick.

But let’s move on from Science to Mathematics, and we are talking here about basic math, arithmetic, not geometry, trigonometry, or calculus. Many members of the GOP, including Paul Ryan, claim a magical system of numbers to come up with their budget plans, but as Joe Biden said to Paul Ryan in the Vice Presidential debate, it does not add up!

Then we move on to history, and the image that America is the greatest nation in history, and has never made a mistake, never needs to apologize, has no faults or shortcomings that anyone needs to learn about. And our exceptionalism is enough to wave in the faces of all nations around the world. Why should we teach or learn about slavery, mass murder of native Americans, discrimination against Jews and Catholics and other immigrants, the exploitation of labor by corporations, the destruction of our environment, the corruption of many politicians over our history, the war crimes committed by our troops in many wars, and so on? NO, that is unpatriotic, and instead we must sanitize all historical learning!

And the field of economics is another area of believing that the best system is NO regulation, and the promotion of Adam Smith’s Laissez Faire economics, expressed in the Wealth Of Nations, and if there is poverty or other human suffering, that is the way it was intended by God, so the promotion of Social Darwinism, the one time Darwin is utilized by these KNOW NOTHINGS!

Spelling and grammar do not matter, as many Tea Party radicals who hold rallies show their total ignorance of all subject matter, and cannot express themselves appropriately, and in a respectable manner! They march with signs that are misspelled, as with the Secession signs now being brandished by many of these characters, who are upset with the Obama victory last week!

World Diplomacy, the whole idea of trying to relate to other countries in a respectful manner, is also insignificant to many, who believe the answer is to BOMB everyone you do not agree with, throw our weight around, and not give a damn about how the world perceives us!

This ignorance and stupidity is totally unacceptable, and the Republican Party and the conservative movement needs to purge itself, or go into the dustbin of history!

Paul Ryan: Still Delusional And Lying, And A Negative For His Party In The Future!

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, the Vice Presidential nominee on Mitt Romney’s ticket, and the chairman of the House Budget Committee, has learned nothing from the results of the Presidential Election of 2012.

He has said that he was stunned at the loss of the Romney-Ryan ticket, which shows just how delusional he really is.

He has said that the Ryan plan to privatize Medicare was a good plan that had support, forgetting that it is clear that his ideas were one of the major problems for Romney in gaining support. Ryan added nothing positive to the campaign, except for his good looks and his emphasis on physical fitness, sorry to say!

Ryan also said that Barack Obama did not have a mandate, because the Democrats did not win the House of Representatives. But he fails to point out that the Democrats actually gained more popular votes nationally for the House, but were faced with gerrymandered districts because of many states having Republican control of the state legislatures and the Governorship, due to the Tea Party wins in many states in 2010. Sadly, this will make it difficult for the Democrats to win enough seats for the majority throughout this decade, although the margin of Republican control is down from 25 to 17 seats.

So the likelihood is divided government throughout this decade, with Democrats having the upper hand in the Presidency and the Senate, but the Republicans having the edge in the House of Representatives.

Also, Ryan’s claim that because his party controls the House, therefore the President does not have a mandate, is totally preposterous, as Richard Nixon had an opposition Congress all the way through his time in office, and Ronald Reagan had a split Congress for six years, with a Democratic House and Republican Senate, but both claimed a mandate.

So Paul Ryan is flailing in the wind, without any arguments that make sense, but still with the potential to make trouble for Barack Obama over the next four years. But the more trouble he makes, the more the GOP will be weakened nationally for the White House and the Senate in the next four years!