Day: November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving: A Day To Be Thankful, But Also Remember

Thanksgiving Day is a day to be thankful for many things, including being healthy, happy, and near those you love.

It is a day to be thankful that Barack Obama will be President for a second term, and be able to add to his record of accomplishments in his first term.

It is a day to pray for his good health, safety, and security, as we live in difficult, divisive times, and there are many people, including those who claim to be “religious”, who wish him harm and failure, and even those who wish him dead.

This shows the sickness that exists in our society, much of it taught by people who are teaching their children to hate anyone who looks different from them, and yet claiming to be believers in God, when it is clear that such individuals are total charlatans!

It is also a day to feel sobered by the reality that it is now 49 years since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on this day in 1963, a scar that will never totally heal.

And when one remembers the anti Catholic hatred that was promoted by many a half century ago, and are well aware of the racism prevalent today in many churches and on conservative talk radio and Fox News Channel, we all need to pray for a better result in the future, than when John F. Kennedy was struck down 49 years ago, taking a good man to his death much too early!