Month: December 2023

The Republican Party And Race, Repudiation Of Founding Of The Party 170 Years Ago!

With the new year 2024 coming tomorrow, it will mark 170 years since the Founding of the Republican Party in 1854, dedicated to opposition to the expansion of slavery, and including abolitionists in its midst, who committed themselves to the total end of slavery.

For many decades after the end of slavery, Southern Democrats promoted discrimination against African Americans, including lynchings, Jim Crow segregation, and denial of voting rights, and also a nativist attitude toward Catholic and Jewish immigration.

Sixty years ago, the Democratic Party under Lyndon B. Johnson finally liberated the party from this racism and nativism, only to have these Southern Democrats rush en masse to the Republican Party.

There was still a great deal of resistance by many Republicans, until the rise of Donald Trump, but now, the Republican Party has become an openly racist and nativist party without shame, and has also worked against women’s rights and voting rights.

The Republicans of the founding era would be shocked at how the Republican Party has repudiated its basic principles.

The Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2024 give decent Americans the opportunity to repudiate the disgraceful Republican Party, which puts Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and decent Congressional Republicans who contributed to American history on a totally different level than the modern disaster the party has become!

Amazing Biden Economy, But Polls Indicate Lack Of Reality Of Voters

As 2023 ends, the American economy is doing great in so many ways.

An all time high on the stock market.

Unemployment rate lowest in more than 50 years.

Gas prices down to $3.00 a gallon.

Inflation Rate after the effect of COVID 19 coming down to about 3 percent from a 9 percent high.

Despite all of this, there is ignorance and refusal to accept reality on the part of those who are polled about their thoughts about the economy.

So Joe Biden is once again being misjudged and ignored on his many accomplishments, including also being the most pro labor President in decades!

By all rights, Joe Biden should sail to reelection, but the disease and sickness of MAGA Republicans makes it a struggle, along with the crazy, lunatic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. exploiting his famous father’s name and besmirching the Kennedy family legacy with his forlorn campaign for President with no redeeming qualities!

So Democrats must work hard every day for the next ten months to insure the continuation of American democracy!

Nikki Haley Self Destructs On The Issue Of Slavery And The Civil War!

Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley has just destroyed her candidacy by refusing to state that slavery was the major cause of the American Civil War!

Asked at a New Hampshire campaign event, Haley seemed uncomfortable with the question, and avoided mentioning slavery, an outrageous blunder on her part.

Instead of showing leadership, Haley acted just like Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump, as they attack the issue of race as a major factor, instead promoting white supremacy, and demonstrate their ignorance of not only the Civil War, but American history in general.

This situation reminds us of the reality that the party of Abraham Lincoln, the party formed to fight against expansion of slavery, and having many abolitionists within its midst, in the 1850s through the 1870s, has now totally repudiated the basic principles of the founding of the Republican Party!

Any “edge” Haley might have been gaining is now lost, as she has demonstrated lack of commitment to the truth, and cowardice on a grand scale!

Milestone Reached: 8,000 Entries On “The Progressive Professor” Website Since August 2008!

As the year 2023 ends, this author and blogger is proud to announce that this entry marks number 8,000 over 15 years and four and a half months since the inception of “The Progressive Professor” in August 2008!

There have also been a total of 23,268 comments made by readers of this blog, and I appreciate all of my followers who have contributed with their insights!

My expectation is that I hope to continue to contribute to this blog, although there might be some days that I will decide to pass on commentary.

Thanks, everyone, who is reading this, particularly those who have contributed with comments and been loyal over the past 15 years!

Difficult, Challenging Year Ahead In 2024!

America is facing the likelihood that 2024 will be the most tumultuous year imaginable, as the nation faces the following:

A Presidential Election in November where the likelihood is that we will have the first time since 1888 (Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison), that a former President (Donald Trump) is challenging the sitting President (Joe Biden).

A Supreme Court that seems hellbent on moving further to the Far Right on many constitutional matters, despite its tremendously low public opinion rating, making it the most right wing in a century.

A likelihood of new climate crises continuing, and unlikely that much will be done to deal with it, as many people around the nation and the world become victims.

A growing crisis on issues that divide the nation, including voting rights, abortion rights, gay and transgender rights, gun control, antisemitism, civil rights and ethnic and racial minorities, immigration reform, political chaos in Congress, and growing religious extremism, among others.

A world crisis of war in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, with the potential for greater US involvement, and the constantly growing threat of China, North Korea, Iran, and other autocracies, along with the Russian threat to the stability of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with the continuing war in Ukraine.

Growing Numbers Of Conservatives Work Against Donald Trump

Anti Trump conservatives have grown to be a substantial force inside the Republican Party and outside party loyalties.

Among the multitude of those who oppose Trump’s campaign in 2024 are:

President George W. Bush
Former Vice President Mike Pence
Former Vice President Dick Cheney
Former Attorney General William Barr
Former National Security Adviser John Bolton
Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper
Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly
Former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis
Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
Former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney
Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
Senator Mitt Romney of Utah
Senator John Thune of South Dakota
Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana
Former Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee
Former Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona
Former Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska
Former Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania
Former Speaker of the House John Boehner
Former Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming
Former Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
Former Congressman Joe Scarborough of Florida
Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire
Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia
Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa
Former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida
Former Governor John Kasich of Ohio
Former Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey
Former Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas
Former Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland
Former Governor George Pataki of New York
Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California
Former US Appeals Court Judge J. Michael Luttig

Also political commentators, including

Mona Charen
Ann Coulter
S E Cupp
David Frum
Bill Kristol
Ben Shapiro
Nicolle Wallace

Donald Trump Projection Continues To Escalate Out Of Control!

Donald Trump is, more than ever, escalating the use of “projection” in his rants on Truth Social and in his public oratory, exuding hate and division.

Anyone who is sane can see that Trump is acting in an insane manner, accusing Joe Biden and the prosecutors and judges in the upcoming trials of the worst possible crimes and abuses he asserts they have engaged in, when he is actually just transferring his own crimes and abuses onto them.

The thought that a man so mentally unbalanced would even be considered to have the power of the Presidency, including nuclear weapons, under his control is terrifying.

The idea that the Republican Party would allow themselves to become captive to this man who wants retribution for his crimes and abuses of power during his Presidency, and has made it perfectly clear that he wants to be a dictator on Day One, makes one shudder.

No matter what the shortcomings of President Joe Biden, he has done a lot of good, and is a stable man of empathy, compassion, and decency!

If the nation goes ahead and somehow gives the mentally unstable Donald Trump absolute power, the nation’s heritage will lie in tatters, with a greater crisis than any since the Civil War, and arguably even worse than that cataclysmic event!

For First Time Since Jimmy Carter, Federal Civilian And Military Personnel Are Gaining Substantial Increase And Appreciation!

A very merry Christmas and Holiday season is here for 2. 2 million federal civilian and military personnel, who are gaining a substantial 5.2 percent in their salaries as a result of an executive order from President Joe Biden, the greatest increase in more than four decades since the last equivalent increase under President Jimmy Carter in 1980.

85 percent of federal workers are outside the Washington DC area, so this pay boost will benefit workers in multiple areas of the American economy, and show appreciation of the work federal civilian and military personnel perform for the American people at large.

Nikki Haley Emerges As Final Challenger To Donald Trump

It seems clear that former South Carolina Governor and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley is the sole final challenger to Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2024.

She has moved up in polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is faltering.

If former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie were to drop out in New Hampshire, it would give Haley a fighting chance, in theory, to catch up to Trump.

The problem, however, is that Haley has been unwilling to directly challenge Trump, and some observers think she is angling for the Vice Presidential nomination with Trump.

Ultimately, the primary in South Carolina, Haley’s home state, will be the crucial factor in Haley’s candidacy, as if she cannot win there, then the nomination clearly is in the hands of Donald Trump.

Top Five Political Heroes Of The Year 2023

In a year with so many politically difficult moments, certain situations stand out as bright moments.

Liz Cheney, the former Republican Congresswoman from Wyoming, stayed strong and continued to fight against the cancer represented by Donald Trump, holding to the traditions and beliefs of a Republican Party that once believed in principle, but no longer exists, ready to sell its soul to a charlatan who is destroying its history and traditions.

Adam Kinzinger, the former Republican Congressman from Illinois, has also, like Cheney, been a Profile in Courage, who has refused to bend to the intolerance and authoritarian nature of a party which has left him, and Cheney, rather than the other way around.

Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York has proved to be an exceptional potential Speaker of the House in 2025, as he has kept the Democratic minority united and strong against the degradation of the small majority Republicans in the House of Representatives. His leadership contrasts with the disgraceful, extremist oriented leadership of Kevin McCarthy, but even more so, Mike Johnson, a true religious extremist and moral hypocrite, who is sadly only two heartbeats away from the Presidency in his role as Speaker of the House.

President Joe Biden has shown great principle, courage, and decisiveness in a multitude of domestic and foreign crises, too often underrated and unappreciated for his strong stand for basic principles, including promotion of democracy, common decency, empathy, compassion, and the rule of law. He is presiding over the greatest crisis to our Constitution since the Civil War, but something that will only be fully understood in the future.

And finally, above all else, the survival of American Democracy itself, with the support of Democrats, courageous Republicans, the courts, the responsible news media, and decent citizens who value our heritage of nearly 250 years of constitutional government, is the ultimate “HERO” in this nation!

Resistance to authoritarian Fascism in all its forms is a constant, long term battle, and the final defeat, conviction, and imprisonment of the evil Donald Trump is the battle ahead, and with the understanding, that MAGA Trumpism will continue to be a threat, that all decent people will need to continue to resist beyond the time of Donald Trump!