Day: December 10, 2023

Antisemitism On University Campuses, Elise Stefanik, And Donald Trump

The weak response of University Presidents toward antisemitism on their campuses (as at Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Pennsylvania) is reprehensible, and it is essential that all universities and colleges take this expression of hatred seriously.

However, the fact that New York Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, who went from being a moderate to being a full scale MAGA Republican in support of Donald Trump, gained attention for being the member of Congress to confront university Presidents, should not be dramatized, and she should not be praised and applauded for her hypocritical stunt!

Stefanik is all but willing to accept all of the criminal acts and statements of Donald Trump, and she has nothing to say about Trump consorting with antisemites on a regular basis!

One must not forget that Trump hosted Kanye West and Nick Fuentes, well known and notorious antisemites, at Mar a Lago, and has himself embraced many other rightwing hatemongers of all stripes.

Stefanik refused to accept the Electoral College results in 2020, and is only too willing to accept any lies and deception of Donald Trump, so consider her “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, not to be trusted or applauded!