Month: January 2024

Arab And Muslim Anger At Joe Biden Over Israel-Hamas War Endangers Michigan Support In Presidential Election

Michigan is one of the most crucial states in the upcoming Presidential Election of 2024, and with its large Arab and Muslim population, centered in the Detroit area and particularly in the nearby suburb of Dearborn, President Joe Biden faces a massive revolt,

Biden’s support of Israel in the war against Hamas in Gaza has led to massive loss of life, with some Michigan families losing dozens of relatives.

So there is a movement in Michigan to help defeat Biden, although there is no sane reason for Arabs and Muslims to support his likely opponent, former President Donald Trump, who has been hardline in his policies and views on both groups.

So despite understandable anger, Arabs and Muslims are only spiting themselves, but in the process could end up deciding that Donald Trump wins Michigan and its 15 electoral votes, the third most such votes among states seen as in play in the upcoming election, only behind Pennsylvania with 19 electoral votes and Georgia with 16 electoral votes.

Repubicans Ready To Ignore Supreme Court And Rule Of Law: Further Degradation!

The Republican Party seems ready to repudiate the Supreme Court, which has ruled by a 5-4 vote that Texas cannot keep barriers up to keep migrants out, that has led to the drownings of a mother and children.

The idea that Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined the three Democratic appointments on the Court—Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Ketanji Brown Jackson—is causing many Republicans to go insane.

So the answer seems to be that many Republican state governors are joining a movement to defy a Court that has a conservative super majority, but at times, acts rational.

This is the effect of Donald Trump, further undermining the legitimacy and survival of the Republican Party which started in 1854 as a party of principle, opposition to slavery and its expansion!

Reagan Appointed Federal Judge Denounces Republican Deniers Of January 6 Insurrection

Reagan appointed federal Judge Royce C. Lamberth of the Federal District Court in Washington, DC, has denounced Republican deniers of the events and participants in the January 6, 2021 US Capitol Insurrection.

Appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1987, Lamberth was reacting to statements by Donald Trump and New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik that the arrested and convicted participants in the horrendous events of that day were “hostages”; Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene who called them “political prisoners” for their beliefs; and Georgia Congressman Andrew Clyde who said that the participants of that day had been involved in an “orderly normal tourist visit”.

Lamberth, a true and respected conservative, is working to insure that Americans do not accept the outrageous denial of truth being exploited by Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans, undermining American democracy, the Constitution, and the rule of law.

The Danger Of Donald Trump In Future American Foreign Policy

The thought of former President Donald Trump returning to the White House in 2025 is horrifying when it comes to the issue of foreign policy.

Trump’s embrace of foreign dictators; his intention to withdraw the US from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; and his nationalistic isolationist world view are a threat to promote worldwide chaos and disarray.

Trump would abandon Ukraine in its war with Russia; create Middle East chaos over the Israel-Hamas War; endanger Taiwan in its stand down with China; and undermine the forces of democracy worldwide.

In a world faced with two major wars and other unstable situations, the experience and statesmanship of Joe Biden, the most experienced President in foreign policy since George H. W. Bush, is desperately needed to promote a sense of stability and steadiness.

Will $83 Million Judgment Against Donald Trump Silence Him On E Jean Carroll?

Donald Trump will have to pay an $83 million judgment for his harassment of E. Jean Carroll in the civil case in which he was convicted of sexual abuse a year ago, and still has continued to attack this now 80 year old woman journalist.

Trump needs to be prevented from continued verbal abuse and his promotion of threats against Carroll, that he is encouraging his MAGA supporters to engage in, a literal nightmare.

One wonders will this finally silence him, or must more legal action, including incarceration, be pursued?

Every day, Trump is proving ever more just how dangerous and unhinged he is, and although entitled to an appeal, it seems certain he will have to “cough up” this hefty fine, and it should be soon!

Florida Government Declares War On Liberal Arts Curriculum At State Universities!

Censorship and right wing orthodoxy is the new war on knowledge now being waged by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida State Board of Education, in its blatant attack on the educational curriculum at state colleges and universities.

Sociology has been banned as part of the “core” curriculum, as earlier, Advanced Placement African American history has been rejected as “woke” ideology.

This political attack on liberal arts education is alarming, and it is spreading to other states, who have declared war on “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”.

The replacement for the Sociology survey course is “US History to 1877”, which it is claimed will cover the realities of early American history, but one has to wonder will the “Trail of Tears” action against native American tribes, and the ugly reality of slavery really be covered in the curriculum?

Ron DeSantis, when teaching high school two decades ago, argued with students against slavery being the major cause of the American Civil War; and Nikki Haley, when asked about that conflict failed to mention that slavery was the primary cause of the Civil War, and has said that America is not a racist nation.

So it is clear that mind control and propaganda are winning out over reality and truth in college curriculums in the public colleges and universities in the state of Florida!

Presidential Election Of 2024 Likely To Hinge On Six States!

It is very clear that American politics has reached the stage where it can be quite certain that the Presidential Election of 2024 will hinge on six states, where both major party Presidential candidates will spend most of their time and effort on winning just those six states that are likely to be in play!

The Republican nominee, almost certainly Donald Trump, will have the clearcut edge in states with 235 electoral votes, and Democratic President Joe Biden will have the advantage in states with 226 electoral votes.

So 77 electoral votes in six states will decide who wins the White House!


The nation is so bitterly divided that now it all comes down to these six states, unless there turns out to be a suprise.

And in future elections, other states could be in play, depending on voting patterns of new and younger voters!

It used to be that more states were in play, but in the past generation, parties have tended to gain dominance in many states!

Venomous Victory Speech By Donald Trump, And Tim Scott Shows Total Lack Of Character!

Donald Trump went on a rage last night after defeating Nikki Haley in the New Hampshire Presidential Primary by 11 percentage points.

Trump gave the most venomous speech imaginable, condemning Nikki Haley in insulting manner, and even more shocking, being assisted by African American Senator Tim Scott, who had been originally appointed to the Senate by Governor Nikki Haley!

Scott proved for all to see how despicable he is, but with his indication that he would consider the Vice Presidency if offered by Trump, he professed “love” for Trump, a man who incited the January 6, 2021 Insurrection, and is the most racist President in American history!

Any reputation for decency and compassion that observers might have thought existed in Tim Scott was completely eliminated by his disgraceful embrace of a man who is facing 91 counts on four indictments, and has declared he wants revenge and to establish a dictatorship upon taking the oath of office in 2025!

Goodbye And Good Riddance To Ron DeSantis Bid For Presidency!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has left the race for the Presidency, as a total failure and disaster, that will stand out in the history of Presidential wannabes!

With absolutely horrible personality and a campaign of meanness and nastiness, DeSantis was trying to bring the disastrous policies he has imposed on Florida to the nation.

He wanted to be more right wing than Donald Trump, and has victimized so many groups of people in Florida by his extremist policies, with absolutely no conscience, and no sense of morals, ethics, decency, compassion, or empathy in his body!

DeSantis is not eligible to run for a third term in Florida, but rumor has it that his wife Casey DeSantis may be planning to run to succeed him, a nightmare scenario to many who hope for a more humane future in the third largest state in population!

DeSantis may decide to try again, but one can be quite assured that his best opportunity to run for President has just been ended with a resounding thud!

DeSantis would need a personality and platform transplant, which is not going to happen!

When one tried to recall failed Presidential nomination candidacies that have been the end of a goal to be President, the only individuals who have been able to see success in a later election round have been:

Richard Nixon 1960 and 1968
Ronald Reagan 1976 and 1980
Joe Biden 1988, 2008, 2020

But both Nixon and Biden had been Vice President in the interim, and Reagan had charm and personality, something DeSantis totally lacks, and never will have!

Time For Liz Cheney To Announce Third Party Conservative Bid For Presidency To Insure Donald Trump Defeat!

Former Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney, a hero for defying Donald Trump, and losing her Congressional career after the January 6, 2021 US Capitol Insurrection, now faces a decision that she should run for President on a third party Conservative line to save the nation from the MAGA Republicans and their attack on the Constitution, rule of law, and American democracy.

Cheney may not agree with Joe Biden, but clearly sees Donald Trump as a massive threat, who would be a total disaster as a Fascist dictator, and there are innumerable conservatives who believe as she does, including many who had worked for Trump in the White House.

Cheney is well aware she could not win the White House, but could insure enough votes to defeat any attempt of Trump to win the Electoral College.

We must all wish her good luck, as she takes on the ultimate challenge to end Donald Trump’s threat to common decency, and insure that he pays the price for his treason and insurrection!