Day: January 5, 2024

The Rewriting Of History: Denials Of January 6 Insurrection!

It is shocking that as the third anniversary of the January 6 US Capitol Insurrection is commemorated tomorrow, that about a third of Americans, in a public opinion poll, and a majority of Republicans, have rewritten history, and deny the horrendous events of that day.

Despite all of the videos and other evidence of reality, instead these delusional Americans choose to believe the most massive liar of all time, Donald Trump, and to see the 1,200 people who have been held accountable as “hostages”, and that the FBI set up the false uprising!

Donald Trump says again and again that he is out to promote a dictatorship if he is reelected, and still, public opinion polls show a close race between him and President Joe Biden.

The future of American democracy is under dire threat, and yet, Donald Trump has convinced so called intelligent people that he has been wronged, not the nation by what has transpired.

Conspiracy theories abound, and undermine the stability of American government.