Day: January 7, 2024

Donald Trump Violated Emoluments Clause In Office, Suspected And Now Proved!

On top of all the other scandals that Donald Trump has engaged in, now there is information indicating that Trump violated the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which prevents anyone in the Presidency from gaining profit by monetary deals with other nations.

This reminds us of the issue being brought up when Trump was President-Elect, and his assurances that there would be no such violations, as his sons would be in charge of his assets while he was President.

But, no surprise that this was a lie, and that Trump benefited from economic investments by 20 nations, including China, Saudi Arabia, and many of the other nations on the list being Middle Eastern oil nations, and no shame or embarrassment on the part of Donald Trump.

Still, with enough violations of the law, adding to the long list of such situations, Trump continues to be backed by the Republican Party at the same time that they are making a claim that Joe Biden benefited from his son Hunter Biden’s investments, but with absolutely no such evidence or truth!

If America does not wake up to the threat of Donald Trump, in so many ways, the nation’s future is one of a Fascist dictatorship, with even worse results than we already know of Trump’s past transgressions!