Lack Of Compassion And Empathy

Goodbye And Good Riddance To Ron DeSantis Bid For Presidency!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has left the race for the Presidency, as a total failure and disaster, that will stand out in the history of Presidential wannabes!

With absolutely horrible personality and a campaign of meanness and nastiness, DeSantis was trying to bring the disastrous policies he has imposed on Florida to the nation.

He wanted to be more right wing than Donald Trump, and has victimized so many groups of people in Florida by his extremist policies, with absolutely no conscience, and no sense of morals, ethics, decency, compassion, or empathy in his body!

DeSantis is not eligible to run for a third term in Florida, but rumor has it that his wife Casey DeSantis may be planning to run to succeed him, a nightmare scenario to many who hope for a more humane future in the third largest state in population!

DeSantis may decide to try again, but one can be quite assured that his best opportunity to run for President has just been ended with a resounding thud!

DeSantis would need a personality and platform transplant, which is not going to happen!

When one tried to recall failed Presidential nomination candidacies that have been the end of a goal to be President, the only individuals who have been able to see success in a later election round have been:

Richard Nixon 1960 and 1968
Ronald Reagan 1976 and 1980
Joe Biden 1988, 2008, 2020

But both Nixon and Biden had been Vice President in the interim, and Reagan had charm and personality, something DeSantis totally lacks, and never will have!

The Nation In Crisis Over Mass Gun Murders

This author and blogger was on vacation in DC to see his older son, but the news cycles did not give him or anyone a break!

The shocking mass murder of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas by an 18 year old disturbed young man who purchased two AR-15 style rifles, is incomprehensible to fathom!

It has happened too often before, and yet the nation is paralyzed and unable to react, due to the evil power of the gun lobby, the National Rifle Association, and almost all Republicans in Congress and in state legislatures!

Ironically, the party that is “pro life” to the point of wanting to prevent any and all abortions, is unwilling to do anything to protect children in schools, as well as adults in all kinds of situations, including theaters, shopping malls, supermarkets, nightclubs, churches, synagogues, mosques, outdoor concerts, and every other imaginable location!

America is killing its children, while demanding every fetus must be born, an absolute insanity, and no compassion is witnessed in Texas about the horrendous disaster, and the unwillingness of law enforcement to go in and attempt to save the children and teachers!

Texas has become the model of the absolute worst in America in so many ways, with Florida a close second, and this indicates the disastrous future of the nation if gun rights win out over human rights to live!

Evil Fox News Channel Hosts Tucker Carlson And Laura Ingraham Promote Nativism Against Afghan Refugees!

Evil Fox News Channel Talk Show hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are spreading fears about the move to save Afghan interpreters and other Afghans who worked for the United States during the Afghanistan War, and now face retribution from the Taliban monsters who have gained control of Afghanistan again.

They feel no loyalty to those who sacrificed their safety to help the US military, and they feel no compassion for the women and girls who face horrifying treatment from Taliban soldiers and the government, who want to destroy all the gains women have made in the past 20 years.

These two monsters have no compassion, no empathy, no sense of loyalty to those who made a difference to American soldiers for the past generation.

The concept that such despicable, disgraceful hatemongers are allowed access to influence nativism, racism, and Islamophobia, and be so well paid as they promote hate and division, is an example of freedom of speech gone amuck!

Too Many Voters Only Consider Personal Views, Not The Best For The Nation When They Cast Their Vote

Every person has an element of self interest that motivates them in their daily lives and actions, and that is perfectly normal.

However, when people only consider their self interest in the sacred act of voting on leadership of their nation or their state, that is something to be deplored as improper behavior.

So what motivates so many people in how they vote, in no special order?

Their finances

Their biases and prejudices toward people different than them

Their desire to control other people’s lives

Their religious beliefs which they wish to promote on others

Their lack of concern over poor, boorish behavior by some candidates

Their sense of patriotism and nationalism

Their ignorance about public issues and viewpoints of candidates

Their personal egos, connected to insecurities

Their lack of compassion and empathy for others

What distinguishes progressives from conservatives is that these nine factors do not play into their voting patterns!