Donald Trump: A Fraud, Con Man, Liar, Sexual Assaulter, Convicted Felon!

While Joe Biden faltered in the Presidential debate on Thursday evening, Donald Trump unleashed dozens upon dozens of lies and mistruths!

The man has no character, no morals, no ethics, no scruples, no conscience, no sense of decency, compassion or empathy, and is all about himself!

Trump utters the most outrageous statements, and everything he says against Joe Biden and other critics is simply projections about his own behavior!

Donald Trump is mentally ill, delusional, and clearly is in a state of deterioration before our eyes, and his own family was not present for the debate, and his wife Melania, stays away from all campaign events!

There has never been a President like Trump, not even Richard Nixon, often seen as the most criminal element before Trump, but possessing intelligence, knowledge, and some important principles and significant accomplishments.

Richard Nixon did not consort and collaborate with foreign dictators against American National Security, as Trump has done, and Richard Nixon enforced the foreign alliances to protect Europe and Asia, while Trump has no regard or concern about any foreign government that is not an authoritarian dictatorship!

4 comments on “Donald Trump: A Fraud, Con Man, Liar, Sexual Assaulter, Convicted Felon!

  1. Princess Leia June 29, 2024 10:40 am

    All 50 of Trump’s lies.

    One of Trump’s most disgusting, heinous lies was about former VA Gov. Ralph Northam and supposed Democratic support for abortion “after birth.” Zero pushback from Jake Tapper, of course.

  2. Rustbelt Democrat June 29, 2024 10:46 am

    Seconded, Pragmatic. If we go down as a nation–and we just might–it’s because the corporatized media enabled it through performative neutrality.

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