Day: June 18, 2024

Massive Right Wing Attack On Biden’s Cognition, Covering Up Truth Of Donald Trump Deteriorating Before Our Eyes!

A massive right wing media attack on Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities is in full swing, based on lies, deceptions, and doctored videos, trying to claim that the President has lost cognitive abilities and is unfit to serve another term as President of the United States.

This is occurring when the truth of the rapid decline of cognitive abilities of Donald Trump is very evident, and makes clear that if he was to return to the White House, the nation would be in danger as Fascist authoritarian forces around Trump would be able to promote and advance the worst possible policies. They would install a dictatorship that would destroy the American Republic as it reaches its 250th anniversary!

Trump is constantly confused and makes egregious errors on a consistent basis, including before rallies of his supporters.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has given great speeches before Congress, is constantly a whirl of action at international meetings and public gatherings, and is a master of government policies. Even critic Kevin McCarthy, former Speaker of the House, while lying publicly, has admitted privately that Biden is sharp and knowledgeable, and perfectly capable cognitively, in reality!

The goal of Joe Biden is to emphasize and demonstrate that not only is Donald Trump dangerous, but he is also incapable to hold office in 2025, and instead would be used by dangerous supporters who would run his Presidency!