Day: June 11, 2024

Donald Trump Rants A Sign Of Dangerous Mental Instability!

The mental state of Donald Trump is alarming, as he rants on Truth Social and at his campaign rallies with all kinds of weird, strange comments that have no relevance to reality.

While much attention has been given to Joe Biden’s verbal flubs now and then, most news media have tended to ignore the strange, odd behavior of Donald Trump.

More attention is starting to be paid to the crazy comments and threats that Trump has been displaying, growing ever more since his 34 felony convictions 12 days ago. His cognitive behavior is alarming to the extreme.

There are a whole slew of dangerous, authoritarian people surrounding Trump, who are only too willing to establish an authoritarian Fascist government if Trump somehow is elected.

The potential for violence and bloodshed is growing each day, giving sane, decent Americans a sense of great fear as to the future of the American Republic as we near the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence just two years away.