CNN Presidential Debate

Two Presidential Debates–June 27 And September 10

President Joe Biden took the offensive and proposed two debates with Donald Trump, outside of the Commission on Presidential Debates, which has set the standard since 1988.

The first debate will be on Thursday June 27, sponsored by CNN; and the second debate will be on Tuesday September 10, sponsored by ABC News.

The debates will have no audiences, and will be two hours long, with the plan to shut off microphones to prevent either candidate from interfering with the other candidate speaking.

And there will be, according to the plan, no third party candidate, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. participating in the debate, as only a true lunatic would think that RFK Jr. is a serious contender for the Presidency!

The setup for the debates will be similar to those of John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in the first such televised debates in 1960.

The Nevada CNN Republican Debate: Romney Widens His Lead

The Nevada CNN Republican debate tonight was a clear cut victory for Mitt Romney, but also a time of real conflict between Romney and Rick Perry and Romney and Rick Santorum.

Herman Cain was criticized broadly on his 9-9-9 plan and Romney on Romneycare in Massachusetts; but there was great contentiousness and confrontation throughout the debate, particularly between Romney and the two Ricks, who constantly interrupted the former Massachusetts Governor. Romney lectured both of them in a very strong manner, which helped his case, and the audience seemed quite supportive of Romney.

It seems to the author that despite Santorum and Michele Bachmann trying to draw attention to their differences with Romney and Herman Cain and Rick Perry, that neither gained enough to be a major factor in the Presidential nomination battle.

On the other hand, Newt Gingrich probably gained a bit more legitimacy, as did Ron Paul. Both obviously, even if one does not like their views on issues, are extremely intelligent, and are effective in asserting their views.

So Romney gained; Gingrich and Paul benefited; Perry and Cain did not come across well; and Santorum and Bachmann, despite valiant efforts, did not improve their position in the battle for the nomination.

While Perry has lots of money, and Cain has likeability, it would seem as if Gingrich and possibly Paul, could become the real threats to Mitt Romney, if there is any real possibility of denying him the nomination. But betting money would still be on Mitt Romney as the GOP Presidential candidate in 2012!

The Nevada GOP Presidential Debate: In The Ultimate State Of Illegal Immigration, High Umemployment, And High Foreclosures!

It is extremely ironic that the Republican Presidential debate tonight in Las Vegas, Nevada, sponsored by CNN, is in the ultimate state of illegal immigration, high unemployment, and high foreclosures!

Here we have Herman Cain talking about electrified, barbed wire, 20 foot high fences to keep refugees from entering the country. He jokes about it, and also earlier had talked about having alligators in moats to stop illegal immigration. Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and even Mitt Romney talk tough about creating barriers, and being hardline about undocumented aliens, as if we are about to deport 11 million people who have become part of our society in a positive manner, but yet face discrimination in states such as Arizona and Alabama!

At the same time, the Republicans have no plans on job creation, and instead refuse to support legislation to keep teachers, fire fighters and police officers on the job, undermining the education and safety of American citizens. They refuse to back any programs for infrastructure or technology advancements, and to extend unemployment compensation to the most desperate! What a despicable state of affairs!

Also, Mitt Romney makes clear that there should be no slowing of foreclosures on housing, effectively throwing people out on the streets of America without any shelter, except maybe their cars, if they still own one!

Nevada is, in many ways, GROUND ZERO, on the most crucial issues of the day, and the Republicans will, hopefully, face tough grilling by Anderson Cooper and CNN on their hard hearted, “tough love”, approaches to crucial issues of survival for those less fortunate in our society!

The Fading Of Tim Pawlenty As A Presidential Candidate And The Rise Of Michele Bachmann!

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was clearly the loser in yesterday’s New Hampshire Republican Presidential debate.

Coming off a Sunday interview with Fox News Channel host Chris Wallace, in which he made a poor defense of his economic plan for 5 percent growth every year while cutting taxes further and cutting the budget dramatically, Pawlenty came across as insecure, defensive, and unwilling to challenge the man seen as his greatest rival, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Having called the Romney health care plan in Massachusetts “Obamneycare” on Fox News Channel, he refused to look Romney in the eye and repeat that strong attack he had just issued on Sunday.

Already seen as bland and dull, Pawlenty is in deep trouble now, particularly by the fact that his own Minnesota colleague, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, put on a masterful performance, greatly improving her own image as a serious Presidential candidate!

Not only did Pawlenty decline in stature, but Sarah Palin now knows she has a REAL competitor, a woman who far outshines her intellectually and in accomplishments in Congress, as compared to her meager record as a partial term Governor of Alaska. If anything, Bachmann’s performance is likely to keep Sarah Palin from entering the race, and if that is the case, America is better for it!