US Military Forces

The US Military And Defense Department Have Daunting Challenges Ahead

At a time when Climate Change presents overwhelming challenges to the entire planet, the threat of massive war also is a daunting challenge that is faced by the US military and the Defense Department.

The Russian war on Ukraine has led to Vladimir Putin formally annexing four areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation, the largest land grab since the end of World War II.

Putin is threatening nuclear war if any of the annexed territories are attacked, and the threat of World War III is real.

President Joe Biden and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) have made clear that an attack on any land of any NATO nation, including those on the border of the Russian Federation, will lead to a unified response.

Additionally, the growing threat of a Chinese attack on Taiwan is alarming, as the US has said they would come to the defense of Taiwan, which could lead to war that could spread to Japan, South Korea, and Australia as well.

And of course, there is always the threat of North Korea and Kim Jong Un.

The US military has had troubles recruiting for volunteers among the younger generation, with many not in physical condition to be accepted, and yet, the thought of a reinstituted military draft after 50 years of no draft would certainly cause a bad political reaction.

Even Russia has learned that, with its decision to mandate forced service in its military in Ukraine, causing widespread fleeing and hiding by Russian men, causing disarray in Russia, and weakening Putin’s hold over his population, with growing opposition to the war effort.

Evil Fox News Channel Hosts Tucker Carlson And Laura Ingraham Promote Nativism Against Afghan Refugees!

Evil Fox News Channel Talk Show hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are spreading fears about the move to save Afghan interpreters and other Afghans who worked for the United States during the Afghanistan War, and now face retribution from the Taliban monsters who have gained control of Afghanistan again.

They feel no loyalty to those who sacrificed their safety to help the US military, and they feel no compassion for the women and girls who face horrifying treatment from Taliban soldiers and the government, who want to destroy all the gains women have made in the past 20 years.

These two monsters have no compassion, no empathy, no sense of loyalty to those who made a difference to American soldiers for the past generation.

The concept that such despicable, disgraceful hatemongers are allowed access to influence nativism, racism, and Islamophobia, and be so well paid as they promote hate and division, is an example of freedom of speech gone amuck!

Marines In 43 Countries, And Military In 100 Or More Other Nations: Absolutely Crazy And Self Defeating!

The tragic events in Niger, where four Special Forces troops were ambushed and killed by terrorist forces, has revealed a secret that even members of Congress on the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate were not aware of.

We have been engaged in operations in that central African nation and others on that continent, beyond those in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as Central Asia, and also in Latin America and in South and East Asia.

In other words, we now know we have US Marines in 43 nations, at least, and military presence and possibly more, in at least 100 other nations.

This means we are having influence in three of every four nations of the world, all with the goal of protecting American national security and defenses in an age of world wide terrorism by Al Qaeda, ISIS (ISIL), Boko Haram, Al-Shabab, and other similar terrorist groups.

So besides the issues of Russia, China, Iran, North Vietnam, and the Middle East morass, including Syria and Iraq, we have to be concerned about insurgency in the Philippines; about pending warfare in Iraq of not just Shiite and Sunni Muslims but also the Kurdish minority; and danger of a Spanish Civil War of Catalonia (its capital in Barcelona) and the Spanish Central government; and instability in Eastern Europe in nations once thought to be finally democratic, but instead becoming extremist right wing, including Hungary, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic

At least 43 American military have died under the watch of Donald Trump, and over 10,000 civilians have been killed due to our troops.

This policy of American engagement all over the world is absolutely crazy and self defeating, and only enriches military contractors, while sacrificing lives of our young men and women.

It is a self defeating situation, in which the wealthy benefit, and the rest of us are victims, in one way or another.

Staff Sergeant Robert Bales: A Tragedy In So Many Ways!

The murder of sixteen Afghan citizens in their homes while they slept, perpetrated by an American soldier, Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, is a tragedy in so many ways.

The first reaction is to be horrified at the loss of human life, including nine children, three women, and four men, who were no threat to anyone, and to condemn Bales as a despicable human being who deserves to be punished, and likely to be executed for his crimes.

But upon further reflection, while not dismissing the crimes he committed, it is clear that Robert Bales is also a victim, as well as the people he murdered in cold blood.

This man was under constant stress and pressure, having been deployed previously a total of three times in Iraq, and now on his fourth deployment, this time in Afghanistan.

None of us who have not served in the military can possibly understand what it is like to be in a combat zone, with constant threats to one’s life and safety.

None of us who have not served in the military can imagine the sight of dead bodies, blood all over the place, and the physical destruction brought about by bombings and war action.

None of us who have not served in the military can imagine seeing our buddies slaughtered in front of our eyes, and not be shell shocked by the scene.

None of us who have not served in the military can imagine what it is like for a soldier to be away from his family members–his wife, his children, his parents and his siblings–with the thought of imminent death always on his mind.

None of us who have not served in the military can possibly understand the effects of brain injuries and trauma, and the loss of part of a foot, which Robert Bales suffered and had to cope with.

We who are civilians do not understand the effects of PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and how it complicates and dominates our lives daily, and makes it hard to adjust to one’s surroundings and every day situations.

The tragedy of Robert Bales is one of the loss of innocent human life in Afghanistan; of the loss of a soldier who now faces life in prison or in a mental hospital, or might face execution; of a family with a wife, two young children, parents and siblings, who will all suffer, much of it in silence, as their family member is vilified as a monster, when all he really was, was a patriotic soldier committing himself to protect his family and nation, and should not have had to face multiple deployments, particularly after suffering two injuries.

The biggest crime of all is the idea that soldiers are not seen as human beings, as not having a right to say NO to another deployment, as someone who no one higher up in the military cares about, except to do the job demanded, and to do so without complaint.

Soldiers seem to be dispensable, and no matter what they are paid, it is inadequate for the sacrifices they make, and the suffering, both physical and psychological, that they endure in order to allow all of us to lead peaceful, content lives in safety.

This is a tragedy of multiple proportions, and while we pray for the victims in Afghanistan, we should also pray for Robert Bales and his family, somehow to find peace, but realizing they never will!