Great News: Lou Dobbs Leaving CNN! :)

News has just come that Lou Dobbs, the highly controversial talk show host on CNN at 7 pm weekdays, is resigning! This is GREAT NEWS, long overdue!

Dobbs has emerged in the past couple of years as a hate monger and a demagogue, particularly in his strong, vicious attacks on the subject of immigration. If you listened to and followed Dobbs, all 12 million estimated illegal immigrants would be deported yesterday, if he had his way. Also, he was promoting the “birther” movement, which contended that President Obama was not born in Hawaii, despite the birth certificate on file there, and the announcements of his birth in Honolulu newspapers a couple of days after his birth!

His promotion of nativism and prejudice is unbecoming CNN, and there was pressure brought to push that cable channel to force him out, and I was part of that effort in a small way.

The kind of journalism that Dobbs represents belongs on Fox News Channel and I predict that he will end up on that channel, joining Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly et al, only adding more disgrace to that so called “news channel”!

One comment on “Great News: Lou Dobbs Leaving CNN! :)

  1. James November 12, 2009 6:32 pm

    I should say Professor Ron; your mud slinging is quite unbecoming. If only CNN had half the brains of Fox and Lou Dobbs, its ratings would start to move up! Just a little advice from your friendly conservative friend:)

    P.S. Be nice…

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