Day: November 27, 2009

A Nightmare Scenario: Dick Cheney Being Encouraged To Seek The Presidency In 2012!

An independent group has formed, attempting to draft former Vice President Dick Cheney to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

The argument is that Cheney has the experience, the knowledge, and commitment to conservative values needed to lead this country, and that he far outshadows any other GOP potential nominee for the White House.

In a purely realistic sense, the group is actually correct. There is no one with the background and expertise that Cheney gained in eight years in the White House, intimately involved in many of the Bush Presidency decisions, and believed by many to be either an informal “co President”, or even wielding presidential power at several points of the Bush term.

Also, Cheney had great experience and skills gained from being Secretary of Defense under the first President Bush, being a leader of the GOP in the House, and being a very young Chief of Staff to President Ford.

It is not an issue of qualification or ability to do the job that is the center of the matter.

Rather, very much like Richard Nixon, it is a question of who would want a person of Cheney’s personality and manner to be our President. Like with Nixon with many people, the thought of a Cheney Presidency is terrifying!

Cheney represents all the worst instincts a leader could have: no concern about domestic affairs except for the interests of the wealthy upper class; a confrontational attitude in foreign and military policy committed to war overseas; an arrogant, secretive personality who does not care about the media or public opinion; a willingness to violate civil liberties and promote torture and crack down on any social progressivism; and an alliance with the most right wing extremist movements that exist in the nation, and are right now attempting to make impossible any success for the Obama Administration.

Dick Cheney is a mean, grouchy, nasty leader who has no concern about how he is perceived, and a Cheney Presidency would be the ultimate abuse of power, and with a GOP Congressional majority possibility, would be a regression back to the Gilded Age and the 1920s!

God forbid such a scenario could emerge! 🙁

Multi Billion Dollar Jobs Program Being Prepared By Democrats In Congress

It is good news to hear that the Democrats on Capitol Hill are planning a multi billion dollar jobs program to deal with the severity of the Great Recession we are suffering through.

With unemployment over ten percent, and about 17 percent if one includes part time workers and those who have stopped looking and no longer get unemployment benefits, it is essential that Congress and the Obama Administration create a program, as suggested in an earlier blog entry–a CCC, PWA, WPA type jobs initiative.

This is important not only for the obvious reason, to promote more employment, but also for the long term survival of the Democratic majority in both houses of Congress and the future of the Obama Presidency.

There will be, of course, heated debate over deficit spending, and it certainly is a problem, but right now the first priority is JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!