Day: November 2, 2009

Bill Clinton’s Statement Good Reason For 22nd Amendment

At the time that the Republican 80th Congress passed the 22nd Amendment in 1947 and passed it on to the state legislatures to ratify, there were many who might have regretted that amendment.

But the amendment, which limited future Presidents after Harry Truman from matching Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four elections to the Presidency, was in the long run, a good measure, and former President Bill Clinton’s statement today that had it not been for the amendment, he would have wanted to be in the Presidency “until I was carried away in a coffin, or defeated in an election” is excellent proof of the value of that amendment.

The point is that change in the executive branch is necessary, as the power of that office can lead to corruption if any President feels he is indispensable. Just as the Pope or anyone in any position high or low can be replaced, so can the President of the United States, and the four Presidents who have had two complete terms since 1953 are proof of why it is good there are term limits.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was 70 at the end of his second term and was smart enough to realize that his age was a limit, that it was better for a younger man to have that responsibility.

Ronald Reagan was starting to show signs of mental deterioration in his second term and left at 78, certainly an age when no one should be having the burdens of the Presidency on his shoulders.

Bill Clinton had already lowered the dignity of his office by the Monica Lewinsky scandal in his second term, and the thought that he would have the gall to have run again endlessly if there was no amendment, is itself a good enough justification to have been fortunate to have term limits.

And, of course, George W. Bush having a possible third term or more is enough to give any sane person a nightmare beyond belief! 🙂

So the 22nd Amendment is intact, ironically due to the GOP, which has had three of the four Presidents who might have been eligible for a third term were it not for what the party did in 1947. At least back then, they actually brought about something constitutionally that made sense!

Neanderthal Women In Republican Party Leadership

What is it with the GOP women in positions of party leadership? Where did the Republican Party find these Neanderthals?

First we had Sarah Palin and then we had Michelle Bachmann, and now we have Virginia Foxx of North Carolina, who says that the health care bill is more scary than any terrorist in America could be.

IF this is not scary, loony rhetoric worthy of condemnation, that what is? And yet, Republican Minority Leader John Boehner says that every member of his caucus is entitled to their own opinion!

It was obvious that Boehner was uncomfortable in saying that, as more than ever, there are things being said by Republicans in Congress that labels them as nut cakes and whackos.

Somehow, though, if it is a woman member who is saying these loony comments, it is even more embarrassing. Why cannot the Republican party find women that come across as civilized, reasonable, compassionate human beings? Often, the men are actually more reasonable and sensible than the women, who seem to come from cave days or outer space! 🙂