Day: November 26, 2009

President Obama And The Climate Change Summit

President Obama has decided to show up in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the beginning of the Climate Change Summit next month.

This is an important step on the road to changing our energy policy to deal with the reality of global warming.

Obama will be in Copenhagen the day before he receives the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway.

This is a significant symbol to the world that the United States intends to deal finally with the environmental problems the world faces. President Bush refused to face the problem in a practical way during his term of office.

Obama’s goal is to reduce emissions by 17 percent from 2005 levels over the next decade, and the long range goal is to reach 83 percent decline in emissions by the year 2050. Let’s hope the US Congress will come to grips with this in the next few months as a follow through on the President’s commitment!