Day: November 7, 2009

Florida Criminal Justice System For Juveniles Needs To Be Reformed!

Florida has a distinction no one living in the state should be proud of!

This state has 77 juvenile offenders who did not commit murder serving life without parole, out of 100 such cases nationally.

This came about because of overreaction in the past two decades to the high level of crime in the Sunshine state–that is, how it would affect tourism, and the very high level of senior citizens who obviously felt threatened by the crime wave that reached its peak in the 1990s.

But to sentence a person 12-17 to life without parole for rape or armed burglary seems unacceptable. And even the fact that nationally, over 2,500 juveniles have been sentenced to life without parole for crimes including murder, does seem to be counterproductive, as the possibility of reform, while unlikely, should be available after long periods of imprisonment, especially considering there is no other country which treats juveniles this way!

There is now a case before the Supreme Court regarding the lifetime imprisonment of someone for rape or armed burglary. It could be the equivalent of a “Brown V Board of Education” case for juvenile law, and therefore is a case that should be watched closely.

Comparing GOP House Women To Democratic House Women

The debate going on in the House of Representatives today, demonstrating the outrageous Republican women in that legislative body, motivated me to do some research comparing the record of leading women in both parties in the House.

Just looking at present membership, not the past ones, we come up with five examples on both sides, and the difference is dramatic.

The five women that stick out as most disgraceful on the GOP side are Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Virginia Foxx and Sue Myrick of North Carolina, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, and Jean Schmidt of Ohio.

On the Democratic side, we have such luminaries as Louise Slaughter of New York, Marcia Kaptur of Ohio, Nita Lowey of New York, Jane Harman of California, and Carolyn Maloney of New York.

Why is it that GOP women are so different than Democratic women? That would be an interesting scholarly study! 🙂

Republican House Women : A Disgrace To Their Gender And Congress!

I am watching the House debate on the health care bill, and I am ashamed for the women of this country!

The Republican women are on C Span making fools of themselves, looking like total morons! They are so mean spirited and self centered, not giving a damn for their own gender or the American people! Where did the GOP scrape up these women who show so little concern and compassion for those less fortunate in this country, who need health care? These women are being totally dishonest in their propaganda attacks on the legislation being considered!

The fact that Ileana Ros Lehtinen of Miami could be stupid enough to join this group of Republican women would be condemned by her predecessor in her district, the distinguished Claude Pepper!

And the ultimate example of the stupidity and mean spirited nature of these Republican women is Michele Bachmann, who tells us the bill would be destructive of the “economic economy”! Huh? What a moron and embarrassment this religious zealot is, joining Sarah Palin as examples of why women like them should not have any power in our political system, since they have absolutely no brains or compassion and are a disgrace to the American political system!

At the same time, I wish now to applaud Democratic Congresswoman Louise Slaughter of New York, who is presently making a fantastic statement in support of health care and applauding the efforts of Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon (Yes, a Republican President) to promote better health care, setting a standard for what is now long overdue–true health care reform for all Americans!

There is no way I can see that the majority of intelligent, compassionate women in America will vote Republican after this disgraceful display of stupidity, selfishness, self centeredness and meanspiritedness being displayed by the Republican women members of the House of Representatives!