Day: November 17, 2009

Senate Democrats And Health Care: Major Lack Of Courage By Some

As the Senate is about to begin debate on the health care bill, the Democrats are divided on the public option and on the abortion issue.

Already, independent Joe Lieberman of Connecticut has said he will block any bill with a public option.

But it is not just Joe Lieberman who presents a problem. There are also the difficulties that moderate Democrats have with the legislation, and the danger that a few of them will block any action on health care.

These include Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, and Ben Nelson of Nebraska in particular. But what many do not understand is that their home states are among the poorest in the country, particularly the states of the two women senators, and there is such a dire need for a public option, and yet all three seem reluctant to do what is best for their states.

Basically, they all lack the courage to do what is right, and that is very disturbing, as the failure to bring about health care reform, if that occurs, will do great harm to the Democratic party in Congress, and also to President Obama, as this is his biggest issue, and it requires success for him to be in a strong position for 2010 and beyond!

Sarah Palin Vs. Dick Cheney? The Texas Race For Governor Heats Up

The Texas gubernatorial race is heating up, as former Vice President Dick Cheney was in Houston to endorse Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison for Governor.

This creates a split among top Republicans as former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin earlier endorsed, and promised to campaign for Governor Rick Perry, as he seeks to add to his ten years as Governor since George W. Bush left to become President.

The question is will George W. Bush come out of the woodwork and back either his successor who was his Lieutenant Governor, or Senator Hutchison? This is an interesting scenario: Will Bush stay on the sidelines or will he decide to oppose his own Vice President, or his own state’s governor who he chose as his running mate?

It is odd to see two of the most controversial Republicans–Palin and Cheney– on opposite ends, and it makes for fun times for those who think both are disastrous for the future of the GOP!

Barack Obama Confronts China On Censorship And Civil Liberties

President Obama confronted the Chinese government directly today by bringing up the issue of a free internet and basic civil liberties in front of a Chinese student group and the Chinese President.

Of course, bringing it up did not change the Chinese leader’s mind, as he made clear of the need for all countries to avoid interference in other nations’ internal affairs.

But just by saying it at public gatherings was an important step, particularly with a nation which we have unfortunately allowed to become our biggest lender due to terrible economic policies and irresponsible war debt buildup under President Bush. Who ever could have imagined that we would be in such a financial mess due to eight years of the Bush Presidency! But in the midst of this, Obama showed courage and principle by speaking his mind on the subject of human rights, even if it met deaf ears!