Day: November 20, 2009

Rudy Guiliani For Senate And Then The Presidency?

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani apparently has decided to give up on a chance to run for Governor, partly on the basis that State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo seems set to run and is far ahead in the polls over Governor David Paterson and Guiliani, too.

Instead, it seems that Guiliani is now looking at the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton, and filled temporarily by Kirsten Gillibrand, who is seeking to finish out the two years left after 2010 and then seek a full term in 2012.

According to the polls, Guiliani is substantially ahead of Gillibrand and would have an excellent chance to win the Senate seat. It makes one wonder why Governor Paterson made such a poor choice with Gillibrand, who it is hard to be enthused about. One could wish that other Democrats would challenge her, as she has always seemed to me to be a weak choice, and now may lose that seat for the Democrats.

But apparently, it is also the plan of Guiliani to use the Senate seat as a stepping stone for the White House in 2012. I think it should be required that Guiliani make clear that he will not seek the Presidency, and is not using a two year term in the Senate as simply an opportunity to promote himself. The state of New York should not elect someone who has no intention of staying longer.

Having said that, the odds of Guiliani, who is still, after all, considered quite “moderate” or even in some ways “liberal” in comparison to almost all other Republicans, winning a Presidential nomination after such a total disaster in his quest for the White House in 2008, has to be seen as next to zero!

So my advice, Rudy, is make up your mind that if you want to be a Senator, that you commit yourself to that position and set out to serve the people, rather than your own delusional ambitions for a job you will NEVER attain!

Time For A Massive Jobs Program A La CCC, PWA, WPA!

It is time for President Obama to commit himself and his administration to a massive jobs program on the level of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Public Works Administration, and the Works Projects Administration, all initiated during the Great Depression by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Ten months have passed, and the unemployment rate is at 10.2 percent, the highest since 1983, and if it passes 10.8 percent, the highest it ever has been since 1939 and occurring in 1982, it will destroy the Democratic party victory of 2008 if no action is taken to reverse the surging unemployment.

Higher unemployment continuing will be the death knell of the administration, as Obama would be compared with Herbert Hoover. It is now an urgency that the US government, as a followup on the Jobs Summit set for early December, immediately use funds from the financial rescue, which have not yet been allotted or spent, a total of more than $200 billion, to be applied to job creation.

While conservatives will condemn public works programs, the answer is to ignore such attacks, as they have no desire to help the American people who are suffering, and never had any concern for average Americans during the Reagan or either Bush Administrations.

Everyday Americans will thank Obama for restoring their dignity and sense of self worth by creating such job programs, and if he does what must be done, he will be rewarded politically in the same way that Franklin D. Roosevelt was, when he ran for reelection.

The creation of massive jobs program on the level of $200 billion or more is a moral imperative, the right thing to do!

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour’s View Of Sarah Palin

What an hysterically funny moment on Chris Matthews’ HARDBALL, when Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, head of the Republican Governors Conference, and former Republican National Chairman, was asked if Sarah Palin is qualified to be President.

He hemmed and hawed FOUR times, and said there was nothing constitutionally that disqualified her! He seemed very hesitant and uncomfortable being asked the question. It was extremely funny to watch this moment of truth coming out! 🙂

Haley Barbour is a smart gentleman, and he KNOWS in his heart that Sarah Palin is a total joke, a monster created by the bad judgment of John McCain, and it is obvious, although he will not say so and is a gentleman, that John McCain also KNOWS that Sarah is a nightmare, who has no appreciation of what the Arizona senator did for her, and shows lack of gratefulness by her bitter attack on McCain’s staff for having the “gall” to try to control an inept, moronic woman who was then and is still a “prima donna” who needs her ego stroked, because she in her heart knows just how inadequate and incompetent she is.

When will the American people realize she is a disaster area? Hopefully, before we are stupid enough to elect her leader of the free world and give her control over nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons!