Day: November 16, 2009

Disgraceful Levels Of Hunger In America As Economic Crisis Worsens

The US Agriculture Department reports the highest level of people facing a hunger crisis, in the midst of the greatest economic downturn since the 1930s.

49 million Americans have had to go without a meal or have had problems buying food, with the food stamp allotment being only $133 per month for each person who is fortunate enough to get it, and many millions do not even have that assistance.

One third of the 49 million people face a major crisis, while the other two thirds have the problem of buying cheaper, less varied foods, or visiting a food pantry or soup kitchen.

Of course, many children are victims of this hunger problem, with so many single mothers being in particular hardship.

In the midst of these statistics, the highest in 14 years, a conservative group, The Heritage Foundation, denies there is a hunger crisis, claiming these people may have to buy cheaper food, but are not hungry. Again, this is an example of lack of concern, and a decision symbolically to put one’s head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge reality, since it goes against their philosophy.

Such reactions are despicable, but are part of the same mentality that sees millions of Americans having no health care as not a crisis. The Obama Administration, by alerting us to the reality of hunger, are calling our consciences and our government to do whatever can be done to rectify this disgraceful situation! 🙁

Time For NY Governor David Paterson To Bow Out Of 2010 Gubernatorial Race!

NY Governor David Paterson has been a disaster area for most of the time since he succeeded disgraced Governor Eliot Spitzer in 2008.

His poll ratings have been horrid, and a new advertising campaign has not helped one bit. He is 60 points behind Attorney General Andrew Coumo in a Democratic poll, and 20 points behind former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani in a matchup for the fall election less than a year from now.

Under the circumstances, it is time for Governor Paterson to announce his withdrawal from the race, to allow Attorney General Coumo to begin the campaign to keep the Democrats in control in Albany, as every polls shows him winning over Guiliani or even former Congressman Rick Lazio.

For the good of the Democratic party and New York, Governor Paterson needs to face reality and show some statesmanship and back Andrew Cuomo now, and insure the party’s future in a crucial race, in which both Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer will be on the ballot. Do the right thing now, Governor Paterson!

Sarah Palin Strikes Out In Presidential Level Poll

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin may be about to earn up to $5 million on her memoirs, due out tomorrow.

But she strikes out when it comes to presidential stature, in a new CNN poll, in which only 28 percent see her as Presidential material.

This compares to Mitt Romney with 47 percent and Mike Huckabee with 43 percent.

So Sarah has her fans, but it does not translate to support for a Presidential candidacy, because compared to these two rivals and others not mentioned, she lacks experience and legitimacy to be President.

She may be nice to have as a neighbor, but that does not make her qualified to run the nation. Many believe in both parties that were she to be nominated, it would be a disaster for the Republican party on the level of the Barry Goldwater candidacy in 1964.